View Full Version : Communication While Opting Out of the Friend Zone

06-14-2014, 03:55 PM
I had a short fling for several months with a hot co-worker of mine. We hung out, made out, messed around several times, and sexted, but as soon as things were getting to the next level, she got cold feet and retracted her intentions with me to just being friends (Friend Zoned). We had a lot in common and a strong connection, but the main reason was our age difference of 11 years (her 19 to my 30), which she felt her parents would never approve of right now if we got serious. They would expect her to date a guy around her age right now she said. Plus, she's a virgin still. When she's around me now, she really protects herself from getting to close to me because, as she puts it, "I really want to jump your bones, but I can't". Her comfort with me, like most girls do with guys, is behind her phone texting me about whatever.

I've dated a lot of women in the past 12 years. This girl means a lot to me, but I'm old enough and experienced to know not to fall into the dreaded friend zone trap. If I ever want to have a chance with this girl someday in the future, I know that I can't be emotionally available to her whenever she needs it right now. I know the first step to having a chance in beating the friend zone and dating her in the future is being distant and actually moving on. I've refrained from texting her, but she still wants to text me. My question is, how do I respond back to her when she texts me? Do I act like an a-hole and basically tell her to f-off? Do I just listen to her texts, but not really engage back in the way she would expect me to before? I also know, she will talk about other guys at some point. Do I tell her to f-off about that too, or just act like I don't give a crap about it? I basically need to know with text game in beating the dreaded friend zone, do I act like an a-hole and tell her to piss off, or do I come off with a whatever attitude when she texts me?