View Full Version : How to pickup girls who are in a clique? (College Game)

03-25-2014, 05:10 PM
What's up players. I have a group of friends where girls are not as hot as the others groups.

So How can I approach them? We are in the same classes but the hot ones are always talking with their friends. They are in their own world. They hang out only with their best friends.

What Can I do? Because I feel like i'm the outsider.

I have tried to approach these girls separately when they are not in their groups but I'm so fucking shy that i couldn't do it. Maybe I need a pretext or something like that.

Yeah i'm kinda weird. But i need to fuck this semester, so i need your advice / ideas.

Thanks bros!

03-27-2014, 05:55 AM
First of all make sure you're having a good time with your friends. The girls will notice and always gravitate to the fun shiny object that ups their state.

What kind of pretext are you looking for exactly? Tease her a bit if she stumbles, drops something etc. Get to know one of her inner "group" members, through one of your friends if you get the chance.

If you sit next to one of them slide over a note pad in class with a hang man game, "hang hello kitty" actually is a lot more entertaining . (Use a cute word like "kitten", or "butt plug" if you dare to)