View Full Version : The highpoint of life is the energy filled sexual communication

12-18-2013, 11:47 PM
I just realized it is those conversations between man and woman, you know what i mean the certain rhythm of charged sexual tension between guy and girl, everything is clicking and people are smiling looking at the two of you. i wish i could do it on a click with any girl but it only comes along with certain girls (and i am intending to make it tense not boring so i have to have some high spirit too). Only happened to me a few times but while it's going on i am thinking "dear goodness i am a badass..." and nothing literally else matters, not even alcohol is an aphrodisiac the way this is. Hell i'd say sex is whatever compared to it, and i have seen it a few times between other guys and gals. It has the spark of the moment. I wish i could just talk with a girl like this forever.