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11-28-2013, 02:28 PM
Hey Guys,

I just made a DHV story about my life but i want you to check if I didn't put in DLV's per accident. So here it is:

A while back my brother calls me to ask if i wanted to replache the guitarist of his band because he called in sick and he had a show on saturday.
I was already occupied but i think you should help the ones close to you so i cancelled my other appointment.

When i first got off the phone i was very enthousiastic because we had to do a performance in one of the biggest venue's in town.
But i also knew i had a lot of work to do because i had to memorize 14 of his songs in one week.

On saturday my brothers girlfriend picked me up to go to the venue.
My brother was already there to check the venue and our gear.
Anyway, the show was on and halfway the first song in the guitar solo my gear stopped working.
It felt like you just said something really stupid and evryone is giving you shit for it by being silent.
Then i realised that my bro always is very sloppy with our gear and that his sloppyness caused this.
Moral of the story, help the people close to you but check your own gear!

It would be cool if you leave some comments !

12-08-2013, 06:45 PM
sounds canned tbh. plus why the heck would you use that story? to tell a girl she needs to check her gear?. Anyway, it's like your going from one sentence to the other, theres no emotional flow. here's what i would do/say (note that I've changed your routine to reflect girls i want to attract, though using the same frame work).

First you need to get into a convo about the topic, so if were talking about DJing, music, edm, whatever...

"Funny story actually, a couple months back my bro was promoting for hunka bunka club - he's always been into the club scene, but i cant stand it to be honest - but anyway, he calls me all in a panick, it sounded like her got arrested, and he begs me to DJ that night because the main performer bailed or couldn't make it. Now mind you it's late and just got home from shopping/work/w.e and now Im tripping out because I've always loved music and dj'ing, just imagining the feeling of knowing your making other people enjoy themselves gives me shivers - but the thing is, i've never actually dj'd for anyone live... blah blah blah"

12-10-2013, 09:46 AM
Hey man, thanks for the response. I tell this story because it is easy to be congruent with it because this acctually happend to ne. It just needs sone tweeks. So ill post a new version soon.

I try to game as natutal as possible but i wanted to try this sometime ;-)

Ow and btw, the gear/family ending was to end the story.

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