View Full Version : Need help, have I messed up?

11-25-2013, 12:12 AM
There's this HB8 I've been gaming. When I asked her when she's next free she said "I'm not sure yet" which I took as a flake, however, the next day I kino'd her hard on the way home and she was receptive (didn't move away or anything).

When it came time for us to part ways she lingered around a bit when normally she just goes on her way. I realise now she was probably waiting for a hug/kiss. However, I was cold, tired and just wanted to go home so I wasn't really thinking straight. I just said bye and stroked her arm and she patted me on my arm and we went our separate ways.

After that, when I see her at college she will smile at me, still make eye contact etc (although a lot less frequently than she used to) but she hasn't texted me since or tried to make conversation in person. She's also started favoriting this other boys tweets on twitter quite often and liking a lot of his instagram pictures which may seem like nothing but she never does this to any other boy and never did it to me. She also skipped class today which she never does and I'm pretty sure she probably went to meet him.

Have I messed up? What can I do to salvage this situation?

11-25-2013, 02:59 AM
Instead of making 7 seperate topics about this girl asking for advice, you should atleast have tried to escalate once when you guys were walking back home. We already gave you advice on this subject, have you done anything meanwhile to try to take it further besides taking no for an answer once?

EDIT: BTW: The fact that you are making so much topics about this girl, screams one-itis, you're already overthinking everything. She wasn't sure she was free => flake. She skipped class today => Fuck she must be going on dates with that other boy. When you will try to fix it now you will probably come over very needy. So keep calm and act like u used to do around her, but try to escalate and see how it goes. If she acts cold to kino and you have the feeling this isn't going anywhere, it probably isn't so don't over do it and make it really awkward between u guys. If you aren't sure and you are going for the kiss, keep in mind its all or nothing.