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11-24-2013, 09:38 AM
Ok, well to get this out of the way, I am only going for chicks who I think are hot. Yes, I don't care about that beauty is on the inside. If I see a chick who I think is gorgeous, I will go after he and worry about the personality she has as I start talking to her. Anyway back to the subject.

I will message a girl, such as online, or get a phone number from a girl in person and text her. Everything goes great. We both are flirty, we text a lot, we don't respond right away but we still text a few times throughout the day. We hang out in person, cuddle kiss, hug etc. Then all the sudden the day after the texts start slowing down to the point where you're lucky to have recieved 2 texts in a whole day from her, then leading to not a text at all until a few days later. Which is fine, I don't bother texting them if they don't text me. I usually let them send the first text, and if I don't get a text I don't bother texting them

Why is this happening to me? Every single girl I talk to shows so much interest at first then all the sudden it's like I don't exist. It's been over 20 girls that did this to me now. I never had this problem in high school. I dated my ex from 16-20 and ever since then I have no more game, I was always with her 24/7 because she pretty much forced me to, I was whipped. I was a douchebag back in highschool and had NO problems getting girls. Now I am just this overly nice respecting guy.

I hate this. Please, if you are going to say "beauty lies within" don't bother responding at all. I don't want to pursue a girl who I don't find attractive. I have high standards, I am not going to lower them for a personality. And to be honest, if the gorgeous girl I am pursueing has a shitty personality, atleast I will have a chance to smash her, and if she has a good personality, I can date her.

So yeah, there is no such thing as beauty lies within to me. I am an attractive guy. If you were/are an attractive guy, would you date some chick you don't find attractive? Maybe a chick 300 pounds, ugly, but a good personality? Nope

11-24-2013, 09:56 PM
The way you are describing things, everythings is okay, maybe they just think you want to '' smash her '' after seeing them.

To close out in my opinion, shouldn't take more than 3 dates.

Just be unpredictable after, show interest to her at first than start neglecting her, see other girls, let her knows she's not your only option.

It works for me.

When I want to get laid on a one night hook up, I lower my standard a bit and pick up 6 or 7. I just go with who's easy. Girls in bar that are 6 or 7 most of the time are not used to get any attention from guy. ( They fall in love easily ) Well in my case it happened 3 times in the past 2 weeks.

don juan matus
12-01-2013, 12:29 PM
hey dude

you answered your own question

if she is hot, she has 10 coxks a day trying to get in her, that will do the work and text her first. this is a fact in society. women want to know they are special, important bla bla bla

if they dont get it from you they are moving on elswhere.

girls need to know you like them. if they think for a second you are playing them they are done. tease the fuckinh hell out of them. be plaful, happy, joking, cocky but sensitive.

do you tell them they look good, smile when you see them, compliment them, appreciate them?

"only 3 things women need; food, water and compliments' -chris rock

most women do not actually care about looks homie - they will usually actually consider good looks to mean cheater, player, untrustworrthy. and think you have 20 other chicks on the go, trust me. women care about feelings and attraction. looks arent much to them. hot chicks usually want complacent robots to uphold their inflated sense of self image. they dont want independant thinkers or actors. they want slaves to control. remember, the better looking they are = the more insecure they are. everything will revolve around them and their looks