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07-21-2006, 07:56 AM
this is my medium for venting like emos for myspace blogs but i dont want the girl in question to read this.
so once upon a time I had multiple girlfriends which I recently told I just wanted to be friends with. so ive given em up.
cept for this one girl. now it looks like things are going good. but heres some details that are starting to scratch my inner peace.
she was asleep and her phone started ringing or something so i left it for a while and then i went to pick it up to tell them she was asleep and it was a msg, from some guy who is totally in love with her complete mwas and I love you and I really enjoyed being with u yesterday. its none of my business and I felt like a snoop for going through her phone anyway so no problem.
but i was talking to her on msn tonight and she goes "a while ago i blocked every one on my msn except for u nd mitch" and then i says that mitch guy he keeps coming up and she said yer its meant to, so i said wtf ok then and then i blocked her.
and shes prolly gonna stay that away coz i set this out at the beginning if there is another lover be with him becoz ive got other things to do. pretty much in those words. there really are too many girls in the world who want me the ones who do and dont noe it for me to put up with shit like this.
now lets not critisize my game here lol obviously ive made a few mistakes. lets talk more about what shud be done, or just yer opinions, kudos comments, do what u guys do lol.
like i said im venting more than nething lol. but i will appreciate ure feedback

07-21-2006, 12:29 PM
You had multiple girlfriends at one time. Kudos.
You dump them all but one. All right...
Did they know about each other? Is that why you're posting here and not on MySpace? Just curious.
If she knew you had multiple lovers, and she was cool with it, then why would you get upset when you find out that a non-committed relationship is sleeping with someone besides you?
What goes around comes around, right?