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09-25-2013, 03:37 AM
Hey all,

Im sure this has been talked about a lot but the conversation of successful openers. I live in a small college town but most of the girls haven't heard very many of the pick up lines provided from people on love systems. I am trying to develop a core of some good pickups lines to us. Is there any that you all use on a regular basis, especially when you night has been kinda dry and haven't had many connections. I'm open to all kinds to try opinion, direct or situational, that work on a consistent basis. Thanks for the help and happy sarging fellas!!!


09-26-2013, 01:27 PM
Hi grimm. A lot of younger guys get stuck on this opener issue and obsess over it. Just keep in mind out of the WHOLE GAME and pick up. The opener is probably the LEAST important. You can be direct or indirect and have success.

For example Direct you go up to a girl and say
"Hey I saw you from over there and thought you were cute, had to say hi, my name is Grim, whats your name" Simple yet very effective.
you can go indirect: a classic one is:
"Hey, can I get your opinion on something? Does this shirt make me look gay? my friend told me earlier it does"

What matters more is your body language , eye contact, tone of voice and confidence.