View Full Version : Girls not investing into the convesation

09-18-2013, 05:24 AM
Hey guys. So this is a sticking point for me. I'm good at escalating on chicks and k-closing and n-closing them later if they are interested, it's on, etc. I can make the moves.

I always touch. Always maintain eye-contact, always get close.

However there are chicks that just don't invest much into the conversation, and I don't know where to go from there. These chicks will STAY with me, won't walk away or tell me to leave, even let me be touchy feely with them, but just won't reciprocate. They will usually also after some time fizzle out with their answers, but still let me stay, and then it gets kind of awkward. It's like they don't feel the spark or something. These girls are usually good looking and so I want them, but for some reason they're not attracted or invested enough, and me being a normal cool dude doesn't seem to be enough for them.

Do I need to move faster? Bounce them around? Just command them to come along with me for the ride? What do I do here? How do I get these chicks to start investing into the conversation and reaching the hook point where they don't want me to leave anymore? Where they start to genuinely like me?

09-19-2013, 03:20 PM
What's their mood?

If their sarcastic and cold, either move on, or use them as social proof. Drag in another 2 or 3 set into the mix.

Younger women can be difficult. They physically stall because their emotions are mixed. IF they giggle or laugh easily at your jokes, they're puddy in your hands. You need to lead them probably through every step. If they're afraid to advance, advance for them.

There are some women that just will toy with you and are a waste of time, or might be too difficult for you to convince otherwise.

You are fishing. Use different lures, or just realize that really nice keeper is just not going to bite today and is just treading water. Some just stare at he bait, some just nibble at it lightly for awhile before taking it. Others are not hungy, but just like to stare at because they're in a boring pond all night. Use the activity generateby those bored fish to bring others in.

09-26-2013, 02:02 PM
Girls like that are annoying and usually a waste of time. I either bounce to the next set or start messing with them. Shock and awe. I push boundaries both physically and verbally until I get some stronger reactions. Then I calibrate from there (you can ease the tension by actually telling her what you were doing... trying to get a reaction). Now... this can go both ways. (and has) but I do this stuff if shes just boring as shit more to just entertain myself than to actually get her. Cause if a girl is like that I often get turned off and don't even want her. eww. Imagine if she's like that in bed and just lays there like a dead fish. I don't care how hot she is.