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07-18-2006, 11:43 AM
I'm 17 (18 in August). My sister S is 21. My sisters friend HB. is 22.
I have been friends with HB since I was very very young we have, most likely, known eachother for upwards of ten years. Shes always been good friends with my sister, actually they are probably best friends. HB just moved back in town recently and I had begun hanging out with her. Its normal for me to hang out with my sisters friends (even though the age difference I am very mature for my age so I prefer to chill with them). I have always liked HB and she has always been extremely beautiful in my eyes. She has always thought of me as her little brother (or at least she says she does). Very often I will go over to her appartment and hang out with her as I do with many of my sister and I's other friends.
The Night:
Last Friday HB, another one of our friends (we'll call her SS), and two of HB's guy friends all went over to SS's appartment to spend the night rolling. This experience seemed to get us all closer together because of the well known effect of rolling (making people want to be closer and more touchy feely). So we all are getting closer and I decide I want to try and get real close with HB . I dont really remember if I really decided I was gonna get closer with her or if she did with me.. But anyways it ended up she would like lay down in my lap or in my arms while we were listening to music or watching movies ect. She would also caress my arms, face, and stuff that isn't very sexual like that and we also held hands a lot. Well this is more than likely the effects of the rolls right? I'm not really sure.. Everyone else was caressing everyone else as well as was I ect.
The Morning:
Ok everyone had passed out and it was just her and I laying on the couch with one of the guys sitting on the couch sleeping. We were watching music videos and listening to CDs and such and she was kind of dozing off. I was laying behind her caressing her arms her stomach (right at her pant line) ect. And she was caressing me every once in a while and holding my hand and we were just basically cuddling. Around like 10 AM the guy that was sleeping on the couch with us had to leave so we got up too and went back to her appartment so we could sleep on a bed. We lay down and I decide to try and take the caressing and such to a new level. We are cuddling and I start the caressing and running my fingers down her spine to give her the nice tingly feeling and to start getting her turned on. As time goes on I start to get closer and closer to her ears with my lips and I started breathing on her ears and then I started licking and nibbling them and her neck which brought a reaction from her. BLah blah blah... I try going doing other things such as kissing her (which she would give a weak kiss back but then turn her head with her eyes shut), teasing her breasts and fingering her. Whenever I would try to finger her she would fight against (it was usually a very weak fight kind of like the "I'm just doing this fighting so he doesn't think I'm a slut" thing ya know?) but I persisted and she eventually said a few things one was "I have a boyfriend" and I was like who? and she told me (I know who he is btw) hes in Iraq so I said "So what" blah blah blah and continued with some you know you want it (and I used a little visualization to see if it may lower her guards... it didn't that much) Then another thing she said is "What made you decide to make a move on me?" blah blah blah "I'm practically your sister" I was like erm no I've never looked at you like that.. Uhmm.. She went on to say "What would your sister say if she knew we had done even THIS much" I was like I don't care and she wont find out. I eventually just gave up and cuddled with her.
A couple things that especially confused me were:
1) She was saying no but she wouldn't move away from me.
2) I would turn away and she would turn around and cuddle with me.
3) She kept positioning her body in ways that made it easy for me to reach her erogenous zones (such as easier for me to finger her in blah blah blah).
4) Whenever I would stop trying she would pull my hands around her so I was closer with her....
Anyone have any ideas on these last things?
The other day she also called me (on accident I guess she ment to call my sister) and she told me that where I had bit her on her neck hurt and that I had left a mark (but she didn't really say it in a pissed off voice...). The day after that a friend and I went over to her appartment so she could buy my friend alcohol. My friend then left and I stayed there and she made some food we smoked a bit and watched a movie. We eventually just layed on the couch together. One time I made a biting noise by her neck and she said "Chris behave" (it sounded like a playful voice though..).
Anyone have any ideas on how I should persue her? Any tips? Ect..
I forgot to say that she said "Its not that I'm not tempted because I am REALLY tempted... but I have a boyfriend"

07-18-2006, 12:15 PM
Ishe eventually said a few things one was "I have a boyfriend" .... hes in Iraq so I said "So what"
Despicable. Glad you didn't RTFM.

07-18-2006, 01:15 PM
May I ask why is this despicable? Since she has a boyfriend? I hope you aren't calling that despicable when one of the principles of MM is boyfriend killers and other such lines that will get boyfriends out of the way.
Does RTFM mean to read the manual? Because if it does mean that then I have read the Venusian Arts as well as watched some of the SS videos and read some SS material and I have also read David Shade's Manual.
Please, Vapor, if you have no good input then please don't put in anything at all I asked for any tips or just to hear someone elses ideas on it not for someone to bash me.

07-18-2006, 04:20 PM
i think he said it was despicable because you didn't even hesitate to think about her boyfriend and the fact that he's in iraq.

07-18-2006, 08:11 PM
Yea. Its because I'm a sociopath so yea..
Anyways, anyone have any tips/such?