View Full Version : Weird situation - should I try to game this girl?

07-17-2006, 12:03 AM
there was this one chick that I met when I was in school and she is smoking fucking hot and a rack to die for and is Italian and total fucking fox. Well I opened her a few months ago and I think I did a good job creating attraction in her for me but then I never saw her again until about a month ago and she was "dating" my friend. I was surprised and happy about this because I really wanna bone her. We hung out a few times but I saw that my friend is an AFC and they hung out every single day and did the same shit while they dated and so I knew immediately this little relationship was headed for a break up soon but with a touch of secretiveness I flirted with her subtly and from the look in her eyes and her reaction to my flirting she liked it. and all was well but one night we all hung out, got drunk and I went on autopilot and started running game on her and she liked but then I realized I was doing possibly getting her into comfort zone too quickly and blatantly fot the occasion as I was in front of my friend(her BF)and so I cut the flirting out and left. after I left, everybody at the house went to sleep. the BF(my friend) then tells me on the phone that he banged her but then from the next day on the chick started acting gradually more distant when it came to seeing him until she decided to get her ex boyfriend to call him and tell him that he needs to stay away from the girl sometime earlier this week. I knew beforehand that a girl of her beauty would not want to be with this guy for long as he isnt exactly a romantic guy and is kind of geeky but a good guy indeed, but I think thats a pretty f*cked up move on her part but I dont care. Now notice, after the little party I stayed away from her and him and the situation because I knew where it was headed. Hence, now I have sort of an open opportunity to try and bed her. I know where she works and sh*t and this is my only way of getting her number and seeing if I can meet her for a coffee date and assess if I really got a chance. Only thing is, I fear that because of the falling out my friend had with her, I fear that this might f*ck up my chances as well.
I really like the energy or "vibe" in just about every interaction we have because its always playful and we both laugh a lot and I think she gets the idea quickly that I'm subtly flirting with her and she is very receptive but I always back off while the fun is still there, well this was when I'd see her. I could tell from the look in her eyes that after i negged her this one time she couldnt read me to see if I was indeed attracted to her because of Active Disinterest. I ran some ESP test on her and that really put the ball in my court for the time being as she was the one wanting to know more about me, but since that one night I havent gotten in contact with her in about 3 weeks and so I know that my window of opportunity is closing on me quickly because this girl is sough after by many many boys.
you guys think I should go to her restaurant where she works and casually game her and get her digits and explore my possibilities or am I just wasting my time?
I need an opinion because I'm second guessing myself on this. I know for sure once if I isolate her she's my prey, the only problem is being associated with my friend. I played all my cards right by subtly flirting with her but not being around as much as my friend. Apparently I got word from a source near her that she claims that she NEVER WENT OUT WITH HIM, NOT EVEN AS FRIENDS, but my friend who dated this girl told me that this girl in fact got his phone number from some anonymous person and called him and stated that she was indeed attracted to him and wanted to date him so I know off the bat that this girl is NOT relationship material. Maybe this girl is clueless as to what she wants or she's a triflin slut or she's a triflin slut. I dont care, I think I'm physically attracted to this girl's body so much that I most likely will try to go balls deep and make her reject me so at least I know I tried......sorry for making this so long.

Le Loup
07-17-2006, 12:22 AM
Game her when you get the chance, but don't focus just on her. If you see her at a party game her and any other HBs around.
I'd say next time you see her be cocky/funny and go straight to A3, but if it doesn't work out at least you'll already have oter opportunities.
Be careful for her not to become a one-itis

07-17-2006, 08:53 AM
hey buddy how you doing. ok you asked for advice, so here is mine. man if you don`t follow up, you are always going to regret it!!!! it will haunt you for ever, wondering what if!! you don`t want to be wondering what if, in a couple of years time, as that just messes your head up.
you know what - you gotta go in there and see her. but it sounds like you are a bit nervous about being blown out or rejected or that she has gone a bit cool. ok, so how about taking a couple friends with you, or even better, another girl or few girls and guys, and as much as possible try to make it seems that you just happened to be in there by chance. then just play it and see how it goes. it sounds like you had a good chemistry with her before, so go in there with other people, and see how it goes with her - feel her out. but go for the close anyway, and ask her out. that`s the only way you are gonna know for sure, and at least you won`t have those regrets years or months later, even if she says no.
anyway, that is just my opinion, but i know that when i had the chance maybe with a babe, and i didn:t take it, i always regretted it for years afterwards, and that hurts. better she said no, and you can forget it, than to always be wondering `what if!`. trust me on this one!
good luck, and let us know how you got on!

07-17-2006, 01:16 PM
yeah! I was planning on bringing a friend or two just to make it seem like Im actually going in to order some food. I plan on making it seem like I dont even know they broke up. But if she asks me or informs me about anything that had to do with my friend what should I respond with?
And I'll talk to her and tease for a sec and then get her number. I think that getting her number is going to be the easiest part of this whole process but it is the most crucial as if she refuses then I'm fucked. But I think since I attracted her better than my friend did I think she will give me her number. Although she is a 8.7 on my scale she isnt exactly the coolest chick in the world and hangs out with a bunch of rich ppl. She's a normal girl who likes to laugh a lot and I think this will help me because I like girls with this kind of energy. They tend to be more receptive to my game than a snobby hoe. I wanna bang her so bad that i might try to kiss her right then and there but it would be a bad idea as the place she work is owned by her parents...any more tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I promise to give it a shot and I'll update you guys on this. This could end up being a successful testimonial as to how powerful the MM truly is..ha ha
By the way I managed to take a picture of her one day at a concert we went to, whaddaya think?

07-17-2006, 02:03 PM
cutie. 7.5

07-17-2006, 03:35 PM
one day we decided to go play softball with her and her friends and holy shit she was sooooooo smokin man. She had her hair in pony tails and the full softball gear, jersey, pants and pads...I really should have taken a photo of this,. It was amazing.:D