View Full Version : Help advice with this flakey girl

05-01-2013, 08:01 AM
I'm curious to deal with this flake situation. I was chatting with a girl then we exchanged numbers a couple weeks ago. this was mostly for an ongoing hookup type of situation. Seems like she had wanted to hang out that night but I told her I had plans that day. I said how about this weekend sunday, she said she wasn't busy. Texted her the next couple days nothing. Deleted her moved on, forgot.

Two weeks later (this monday). I get a text, "hey sorry I lost my phone its been kind of nice not having one want to get a drink tomorrow?"

I told her i had a class but if she wanted to go after that was ok. We flirted a little bit re: she told me she was good at giving massages,etc,etc. I told her ok since I was sore and she was good at massages it was a good reason to skip class, and we could meet at 8.

It was late so maybe she fell asleep. I followed up the next day no response. This girl does seem very busy and chill. She did take the time to reengage with me, but wtf is up with this deal.

I don't want to appear needy as I really am not , but this girl seemed super chill.

Advice, anything besides delete lol