View Full Version : Hi, im a 17 yr old dude from Oztralia (down under);) need help!!

07-15-2006, 06:47 AM
Hi people, first time posting
Ive been talking to this girl for ages now, and she just recently broke up with her boyfriend. Now, im definetly not seen as a friend in her eyes, as i think i had something to do with her braking up with him. The thing is, when i take her out to the movies or some shit, how do i initiate physical intimecy. Is there some stages or something i should learn before hand, or is there something i can say or what? Im new to this, im 17 years old, and , havent had a gf, because i just found out about this shit recently. Anyways, any advice will be great and very much appreciated, cheers fellas, have a good one

07-15-2006, 07:27 AM
if you have already arranged to take her out to a movie then you know shes at least interested in you. you and her both know what a 'movie' scenario is, its a date.. but make it different, make it fun, and lead her through the whole time you spend together, dont ask just take her hand and lead her to the counter, to the ticket attendant, inside the movie theatre. flirt, tease her and play fight with a really light fun attitude. e.g knowingly bump her with your hip, if she does it back its flirting, if she says hey? just be like dont be so unco your gona imbaress me in a muc-around tone.. from wingman2 goodluck

07-15-2006, 08:47 PM
thx man for you advice, what if all things are going good and i want oral from her, how do i communicate to her to get her in the mood persay?

07-15-2006, 11:13 PM
Not to bounce your bubble to death there, chief, but if I were a Vegas gambling addict, I would put money on her seeing you as the "Will" to her "Grace". Girls do *not* break up with guys they are already with unless the new relationship is set in stone. A girl NEVER breaks up because she "has a chance with another guy", she breaks up because "she met someone new".
Your biggest enemy in pickup is not the raging lesbian that is trying to convert her HB11(yea, 11), it's YOU. Don't ever get cocky and think it's because of you. One of the worst things is seeing guys come in with the most normal things and calling them IOIs.
More objectively:
'Definitely' and 'I think' do not belong in the same sentence. Read it over again, you may think it's ok, but it really reads "She broke up with her boyfriend, and my ego is thinking that I had something to do with it."
Sorry to be harsh, but it's true.
It is rather impossible to game good(and better) friends. They already know probably 85% of your personality. That extra 15% is your secret stuff that you don't WANT them to know. It won't swing them your way.
If you REALLY, HONESTLY want to see if she's interested in you, foolsmate her. If she rejects you when she's buzzed, she sees you as a friend, and nothing more. If she does return intimacy, she sees you SOMEWHAT sexually, and you can work off that.
Subconciously, a girl never wants to run that movie-type risk of ruining the friendship.
As I said, sorry to take a .357 to your little bubble, but it's true.
If you THINK it is an IOI, give it the BFF test. If she was a GUY, would it be different? If so, it's not an IOI.
Going to the movies? I go to the movies with pivots ALL the time.
Holding hands? I honestly hope my best friend doesn't do this, unless it's in the fashion of a mistaken HighFive/Dogpound. We all know what that is. The highfive, he grabs, does the little fingersnap thing.