View Full Version : NIGHT GAME any different from DAY GAME?

01-26-2013, 12:18 PM
I was heading back home from the gym around 10ish pm and saw this two set just outside the gym, both HB7's. I was unsure how to go about it since i haven't really opened sets at night on the street, so i went the usual route I would for day game, but improvising with the kino. Right off the bat the girls seemed a bit creeped out with that sort of stand-offish wide-eyed look. They probably thought I was a bit tipsy since I was having trouble balancing myself just having crushed legs with a hardcore session, and I was tired and feeling drained, thus sporting the 'glass-eyed' look.

Anyway, i didn't chat much, barely a couple of mins since they were just throwing out Yes's and No's with an embarrassed smile

I have yet to purposefully try day game in malls, on the street whatever so can't really compare. My question is to those who have experience with day and night game

How different are the dynamics of day game to night game. How would you go about opening/approaching sets on the street/parks at night?

01-26-2013, 12:37 PM
The reaction will get better as your body language improves to disarm the weirdness of a random guy talking to her. It's hard to explain but maybe look at how some people just project that. You will come across girls that have never been approached on the street before (but it is very common in some places), a huge plus imo. Girls usually love it and think you have brass balls for doing it. Night and day, well that depends on a huge list of factors but assuming it is a safe neighborhood and you don't look like you are trying to sell them drugs it's about the same with two big differences. Night street game is far better for instant dates, day game is better for the really hot girls that have a lot going for them that you will never see in a club. GL.