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07-12-2006, 11:40 AM
NOTE: I'm posting this in the main board; wasn't sure if it should be here or in field reports. Please move it if I got it wrong. Thx!
Back story: Hired gun I've been gaming. She's an aspiring actress (in LA. Big shocker.) Ran c/f. Opened her up with "the difficulty of being a beautiful woman..." (credit David D.) Qualified her, asking her what her influences were. Gave her some credit when I saw they were legit. She gave me her number and her email.
I emailed her some plays to read that I thought she'd like.
I've been out of town for a few weeks, we exchanged the occasional text. This is text from yesterday.
ME: Did you read that play yet?
HER: I'm on the east coast. Which one? I read them all.
I took this as a major IOI, as I gave her SIX plays to read.
ME:ALL of them? I gave you insufficient credit. When do u get back?
HER: Thursday. Working at ***** (the bar she works at.)
ME: I'm leaving town next week to write but want to hear more. I can do drinks mon or tues. Work for u?
No response till today.
HER: Either night should be open. Hit you when I get in town.
ME: Tues is booked now. Smooth doesn't make tentative plans :) So if u can do monday for sure, we'll do tht. If not, I'd rather do it when u can commit.
HER: I understand. I'll let you know about Monday when I get back. I'd rather risk having to change the date than flaking.
ME: Let's just do it another time, doll. When you're a little more set on time :)
My question is this: was I too hoop crazy--or did I play it right? My thinking, when I did the takeaway at the end, was that if someone can't commit to you firmly, why "pencil" someone in? I was trying to demonstrate my time is valuable, and if you want some of it, then you have to commit.
The only caveat is if she had to see if she worked. But she never said that, so...
I've used this takeaway before. It tends to either work (and the girl gives a solid commitment), or pushes the girl away.
Anyway. Opinions?

07-12-2006, 03:52 PM
Looks solid to me. And, honestly, I would love to run into more women that would say, "I'd rather risk having to change the date than flaking." She's demonstrated that she's very mature and is clearly interested in you. I wouldn't worry much about this one.