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08-2012-05, 06:35 PM
This is a great simple routine to build attraction. You'll want to have established a vibe of being fun and joking around first and you should have done some kino before on her.
NOTE: this is obiously all done playfully (hopefully she's not actually a heroine addict...)
Here's what it is/ how it works:

- she says something weird/stupid

- you say "are you on drugs or something!? Needle drugs?"

- you hold her arms out straight, with her palms facing up, with your thumbs gently rubbing the joint between her forearms and bicep (acting like your checking for needle marks)

- she'll respond saying "haha no I'm not on drugs" (or something like that)

- you say, "hmmmm... let me check your eyes"

- stare seductively into her eyes to build tension

- note: still be holding her arms, or ideally slide your hands down to hold her hands

- then you say "yep, your pupils are dilated... either you're on something or your turned on"

- hold eye contact...

- then go from there

This does a bunch of different things: its fun/funny, its challenging (qualifying), its great for kino, the fact that her palms get turned face up is a signal of submission (which makes you seem dominate = alpha), the eye contact mixed with kino builds sexual tension, the last part about saying "she's on drugs or turned on" turns things sexual.

08-2012-05, 09:47 PM
Seems like a great routine Im definitely going to try that out.

08-2012-05, 10:05 PM
Classic, thanks.