View Full Version : Inner game issues regarding mltr's

07-09-2006, 11:16 AM
Last night I was on fire, and im now feeling that im learning to use MM as its supposed to be used! My frame is getting stronger and stronger and its working very well.
Last night i went to a party where i met my former one-itis and some girl that ive been dating for some time.
The thing is that i ended up having heavy making out sessions with both of them, and they both wanted to start dating again.
After thinking about last night, i now got some big inner game issues about dating two girls at the same time, specially these two girls since they both are kind of friends with my friends.
If i choose only to date one of them, she easily may become my one-itis (due to earlier experiences with dating only one girl) - but if i choose to date them both, i most likely will hurt one of them.. Im feeling like a shitbag, because i dont want to hurt them..
Soo, do anyone have som inner game tips on how to handle situations like this?