View Full Version : Texting Sequence For Fuck Buddies?

08-2012-05, 03:01 PM
Since I've started reading Magic Bullets I've been able to F-close 2 girls this summer.
Fucked the first one for two weeks then she got more hours at work and I went away for a bit. First day back from vacation met a girl at a party, fucked her the next day and two other times for the next two weeks. But now the problem is these girls are getting impossible to set up dates with when it was once so easy; I never talk about sex when texting and build attraction very slowly when they're at my place so its not like Im pushy like some other guys.

Im wondering if my texting is too forward? They're both 20 so they dont do phone conversations and I hate texting so usually I just text them and say " what are you doing tomorrow?". This use to work, now I get messages back five hours later with a bullshit excuse. Maybe they've lost interest...anyone have an idea?