View Full Version : Telling HB you are attracted to her....DLV?

08-2012-04, 03:47 PM
what do yall think? sometimes i like to be open and honest and say that...but now im thinking its a bad idea because it puts her on a pedestal..

how to recover from telling a girl you are attracted to her and getting LBJF treatment?

im already on the GFTOW mission tonight...but still wouldnt mind salvaging the original HB.

08-2012-05, 09:25 AM
Well for starts keep in mind don't show interest until she shows interest in you, but keep gaming her maybe freeze her out or push-pull. Make her chase you.

08-2012-05, 04:53 PM
It depends how you say it. Direct openers can be awesome. It lets her know that you are interested, but doesnt demonstrate DLV.

As in most situations, it depends how you present yourself...

If you stare at your feet, and quietly say "Hi... I think you are very... um... cute. Can I buy you flowers and take you to the movies'. Thats shit house and is a DLV. You might as well say "Hi, im a fag, lets be friends"

If you confidently walk up to her, make eye contact, etc, etc, stop her and say "Hi, I think you are absolutely gorgeous" and then continue on. That would be a DHV as many people dont have the courage to do that, or the follow up game.