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08-2012-04, 10:58 AM
This is a post that I wrote with MrM on how to use Role Plays to generate attraction:

Role-plays are anything where you and the girl take on a role, whether this be boyfriend/girlfriend, married/divorced, making her your PA or whatever role you want to give her. They are really effective and a great way to attract girls when you’re out in the night.

Role-plays can work for you on many different levels and not only do they help you attract girls, they help you in other areas too:

Attraction – they work really well for building attraction with the girl as they’re something different from what every other guy is doing when talking to her. Most importantly, they’re fun, engaging and not taking things too seriously. They also help to build a little bubble world with you and the girl where it’s just you and her in the roles you’re playing out.
Sexualising – The great thing about a role-play is that they allow you to sexualize quickly and let you push things further than you might get away with otherwise, all under the veil of a role-play. For example, if you’re boyfriend/girlfriend, then of course you’re going to touch each other and be very close with each other.
Logistics – They help you with logistics too. Most role-plays allow you to move the girl around just by the nature of how you setup the role-play. Moving a girl around a venue is great for comfort but also for logistics too as she gets used to you leading and moving her around the venue, which makes it easier later on in the night to move her out of the venue to your place.
There are a number of different kinds of role-plays you can use, but two really good ones that I use often is marriage/divorce and boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever role-play you choose, the key is to take the stereotype about the roles and make them absurd. Taking marriage and divorce for example. When you think about these roles, what comes to mind? Absurd or funny examples might be:

Get married in Vegas
Hire a limo
Buying a big ring
Gay wedding planner
Blow all our money
Have sex 5 times a day
Have fun with these, make them as absurd as you can and this will add to the humour and she’ll play along with it. The flip side to marriage is divorce. You can divorce her anytime through the night, whether she does or says something, or just randomly. You can say something like “Hey this isn’t working out, I want a divorce. I’ll take the house, you take the kids. It was only about the sex to you anyway. I want a DNA test for the kids. You know your friend Katy, she was the other woman.”

Again, have fun with this and absurdify as much as you can. Think of the stereotypes of divorce and play off this.

Alternative ways you can introduce the marriage role-play are:

“Are you rich? I’m looking for a rich wife so I can drink straight vodka and do coke all day. And of course sex 5 times a day. Obviously I want to try new positions; doggy, reverse cowboy, flapping jellyfish and inverted penguin.” You can then divorce the girl later on by saying “I’m divorcing you. The sex was average and you wouldn’t do the inverted penguin sex move.”
Anytime she says/does something cool “oh wow, ok we’re so getting married……” and go off into the role-play, absurdifying those different stereotypes above.
You can do the same with the boyfriend/girlfriend role-play. The ways you can introduce this are:

“My parents would love you, I’m going to make you my girlfriend and send you to them in bubble wrap”
“I’m going to make you my girlfriend for the night. My mother is always telling me to find a nice girl and stop hanging out in the basement playing world of warcraft all day”
You can also use the same line above for the rich wife and just make her your rich girlfriend.
Just with the marriage you can breakup with her through the night for the same kind of reasons.

The key with these is to make them fun and as absurd as you can. Use these in your sets and you’ll have no problems generating attraction and engaging the girl. Don’t forget though that you don’t want to just hammer the role-plays and avoid normal conversation. We want to attract girls obviously, but we don’t want to focus solely on that, or solely on the role-play.

The advantage of these role-plays though is that they create that bubble world that you and the girl can play along to, but interspersed through the role-play should be regular conversation where you’re finding out about her, demonstrating the cool things about your life, etc. Don’t just focus on the role-play solely otherwise it will become boring and you won’t progress any further emotionally.

Having said that though, role-plays are a great tool to attract girls and are a great tool to have in your arsenal. I usually include some sort of role-play with most girls that I talk to when I’m out.