View Full Version : Why does she DLV herself?

08-2012-03, 08:40 AM
I noticed something a few days ago. I was speaking to an HB9.5, a married co-worker. She mentioned how she's such a screw-up and she needs to have the grace to forgive others. I've been in the room when her boss and her mentor has praised her work. In her case, I think it's a self-esteem issue.

The other girl though I'm confused by. I totally blew the calibration on her personality and could not have pursued her more incorrectly. She's an HB9, long distance boyfriend that I've stopped pursuing about 5 months ago. I haven't really spoken to her much since then (I basically did a fade away).

We were in a training class Thursday (still not sure why as I had no business being there) and I sarcastically mentioned how I couldn't wait to express my expertise on the subject (I have none). She mentioned she's not really skilled here either. I also know that's not true, she has a relevant degree, experience and is also praised by her bosses for doing this kind of work.

I stopped pursuing her because she refused to meet up with me so I'm certainly not going to re-engage. But I wonder if she thinks I stopped because I thought I wasn't high value enough to be with her. I know I should DLV myself if I'm getting that vibe from a woman. But, I can't see her DLVing is anything but a cry for attention.