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The Mexican
08-2012-01, 07:55 AM
Ok this sounds stupid, I Even think about it and realize how silly it is but it really bothers me and would like to know how other people handle it

The town I live at is extremely hot... and my job requires me to be on the streets all day (journalist) and the car provided by the company is the simplest Chevy with not even ac... My own car has ac and is comfortable but while working i have to use the company car and it's taking it's toll on my confidence since I am sweating all day plus the heat makes me moody...not to mention, the dreaded back patches... And armpit patches... No I don't get crack patches lol...

I do carry an extra shirt with me and a towel, and wet tissues to freshen up every now and then, but the with this heat and being out all day you'd really need to change every frickin half an hour if you want to look clean and fresh...

I hate giving excuses and allowing external sources to have control over me... But with weather what can you do?

also I have I interview high value people , almost everyday, major, governor, congressmen, etc and I don't feel confident showing up all messed up... Also I have to do interviews to people in the streets, which is cool for reducing my AA ( I don't shit where I eat but it can be good to practice) ...

any advices? Other than asking the company to give me a car witha guvking ac or getting an office job?

Suffering is something useless nobody will thank you for

08-2012-01, 09:34 AM
I was watching a documentary on 'The crystal cave' or similar. A fissure was opened up by miners and drained of water to reveal crystals the size of buildings that had been growing for 600 million years.

Anyway, the cave was so hot that scientists had to dress in special ice filled clothing. Perhaps you could do something similar? Otherwise:

Drive shirtless
Get loads of fans moving air over you
Avoid spicy food
Freeze ice or cool blocks and travel with them in your pockets/ on your lap (but not in direct contact with skin)
Wear linen
Cover the car with reflective panels when you get out for a while.
Cover the chair with reflective panel so it isn't hot when you sit in it.

The most important thing is just to wear as little as possible to allow your bodies cooling strategies to work.