View Full Version : How Should I Respond?

07-2012-29, 08:04 PM
Been talking to an HB8 for awhile. We've grown to a point where I want a relationship, so when I asked her, she said no she wasn't ready. Since then she's been drilling it home we aren't a couple and now it's starting to piss me off. I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but how should I proceed from here? Maybe you guys have a better perspective on things.

07-2012-30, 01:03 AM
Harsh reality - you didn't callibrate, you put your emotions, needs, desires first and dove in stating what you wanted before testing the water to see what she wanted.

It's not over, but you need to recallibrate and focus on other things in your life to get some perspective for yourself. Our advice is meaningless compared to the revolution you'll have through realisation that there are plenty of other options out there.

For instance, WHY are you are wanting an HB8 for a relationship?! I never understand this. By your own admission there are 2 levels better in the world, and you're not only settling for an 8, but actively trying to get one. Remember that scaling systems are all subjective, so why not strike out for a 10?!
You're investing a lot of time and effort in refining yourself and being the best you can be, only better.... so why sell yourself short?!
If you build the fastest car in the world, you better do more than drive to the shops and back in it (or some such analogy).

So, proceed by putting other things (preferably ladies) in your life. Realise that while this HB8 has more problems than a mindteaser soduku, others do not and can see how lucky they are to be with you. It's her loss. YOU are the prize, always.
She's lucky you even considered her. Fact.

Do not react to her comments about being in a couple. Laugh them off and move the conversation on - while also moving yourself on.
I promise you, get a few other women in your life (you don't have to sleep with them, but do build the attraction) and see a) how much this HB8 cares, and b) how much you care for miss HB8 - i take a good bet the ground shifts and she cares more by that stage.

Keep us posted mate