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07-2012-24, 12:31 PM
Sup guys, just looking for some critique and advice on my next step. I recently started hitting it off with a girl that I play casual soccer with. We've been playing together for a while, shes an HB8 but it wasn't until our last game about four days that I was sitting on the bench with her and the flirting began. I noticed I was being unusually arrogant that day and i was busting her chops a bit. What began as usual harmless banter one second, next thing I know a switch flips and I can sense her flirting with me.

Continues throughout the game, nothing special afterwards, we go our separate ways. Knowing that I had a big opportunity and that I half-assed it w/ hesitation, I decided to begin texting her the next night.

I had been out of the forums and game for a while but this was a big boost to my confidence. Other than wanting to bag her, I also wanted to get a handle on a game plan for when the next one comes around.

Decided to work my texting game, not sure what the rules are on posting the entire conversation but I will delete it if that is a problem. I really want some critique or suggestions on this part, i need to know what parts to improve and where I went wrong. (yea i do tend to use corny lines)

Day 2
Me: wats cooking good looking
her: lmao hanging out you?
Me: chilling back with beer, tell me u are free tomorrow
her: yessss i am why?
Me: going to ____ (name of a beach)* tomorrow, wanna come?
her: I would but im planning on sleeping late haha
Me: bah, sleep on the beach!
her: what time you plan on going?
Me: leaving around 8-9, definitely bring a friend if u have any
her: lmao i do have friends but i don't think im gonna come tomorrow. maybe next time kidddoo *(is there any significance to this response... was almost sure i blew it at this point)
Me: next time for sure, Im peacin, later tator *(i will rhyme words for no reason, i dont know why)
her: lmao night (:

so the next day I was at a pckup game, decided why not invite her to come

me: heeeey, ur not busy rite, good come play soccer at ____
her: lmao im at olive garden
me: wow, damn im jealous
her: you should be

ok so whatever not a big deal. at that point i was already on the field when she responded so i didnt even answer her.

around 3 hours later I'm home and I get this.

her: how was the game cutie? :)

so now I'm pretty sure she's digging me.

Me: nothing special, 20 sweaty dudes chasing a ball. still better than olive garden.
her: ehhh i dont think so
Me: We can agree to disagree ;)
her:oh can we? ;)
me: we are gonna try haha. R u interested in drinking with the gentlemen of team 4 tonight?
her: who's on team 4 (so these soccer games are run in like a mini league)
me: thats our team...
her: lmaoooo i'm an idiot
me: for real, I'll forgive u later
her: oh how nice of you haha

I told her to think about it and invite any of her "friends", she said she would think about it but never got back to me after that. I didnt bother fishing for an answer or anything, i was with my buddies and we had a great night so whatever, i pretty much let it go.

next morning (today)
woke up and decided to text her and see whats up.

me: hey there :P
her: heeey(:
me: so what r u doing? *(i find people disapprove of this kind of question but i was reading a text guide from another site and this was the setup the guy used to find a hook.)
her: shopping you?
me: heading to the gym, and wow its beautiful out (really was a great day)
her: its gorgeous

and thats it. After she last texted me I was already working out, got a haircut after, and now I'm here (been about 4 hours) because after reviewing some pua material i need some kind of segway to a face to face meeting. Also i'm not really sure what I accomplished. Did I build any attraction or comfort with my texts, I'm not even sure I can tell the difference. I may have built some attraction, but I didnt really get to learn much about her so Im not sure that i've built any comfort.
sorry its a long read, thank you for any advice.

07-2012-24, 02:40 PM
Your texts come across light hearted and funny..... Exactly the way you have to be when trying to go for the meet-up. Keep it like this and eventually she will be ready for the meet-up when she is a bit more familiar with you.

07-2012-24, 04:06 PM
Ask her in person. If you play on the same team as her, and are seeing her on a constant basis, stop asking her out over SMS - It is weaker way of asking someone out. Also, you are much more likely to get flakes over SMS.

I dont see why you dont just invite the whole team out one night after soccer or whatever, and get her to tag along. Once you are out on a social occassion (more than than soccer) then it shouldnt be any issue hanging out with her after that if she is attracted to you.

I would try and build a little bit more comfort with her first. You went straight form a little bit of flirting, to asking her out - This was probably to quick for her. Tease her a bit more, and get her thinking 'Why isnt he asking me out?'.