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07-2012-24, 09:19 AM
Ive been doing this a while now and have approached hundreds of girls.
However i have tried Stories, role plays etc and many of the tools given.

I believe that i do get some attraction but most of the time the women are never jumpping all over me. The most common result is that they stand and listen without walking away.

Ive read a bit and seen a lot of guys in action but ive seen a pattern with the best naturals and they seem to just tease tease tease etc or something playfull.

The girls worlds seem to come to life and they can be lead much easier.
I even done a experiment once with a natural friend of mine who has`nt read anything.
I opened and smoothly moved on a DHV story wit tone and delivery while he litterally said something funny like so wheres your man tonite? (With a cheeky look)

His girl had moved closer and was opening up and shaking his hand while i was almost borring my target. This has happen a million times.

Anyone agree with state based over intrigue based?

07-2012-26, 01:00 AM
depends on so many variables.

Problem with stories - she has to listen to you a lot, and are you putting enough hooks in? are you involving her? are you ready for her to pick up the story and run with it? OR are you just reciting lines from a script?
Problem with role plays - she has to want to play it.. it has to be fun.... you're not a warlock, she's not a maiden... no one wants to put on a suit of mythical armour to slay dragons of the neverlands...

my role plays are oneline teases.... usually based on the idea we're in a relationship etc.... they're not an ongoing tour de force of nerdery.

Teasing is my weapon of choice, but it's not the only tool in the box. My best wing uses charm (Defying all known notion of that archaic 'neg' concept). So, what it comes down to is: what works best for you? You can be anything you want, as long as you're true to yourself, adn confident in doing it.

oh, and keep it FUN.
If you're meeting a girl at a social, lively, fun place.. it's because she wants to be social, lively, and fun.... don't start boring her with anecdotes, distressing her with damsel plays... or having 'deep and meaningfuls'...

make your stories shorter, move lively, add humour, several barbed hooks... and let them join in the story with their own additions etc.
Listen rather than speak my friend

12-2012-10, 04:22 AM
I went out with a couple of mate of mine recently and they were not my usual winging pals. We could`nt get in anywhere because one of them had white trainers on so we spent the nite chilling.
However both of these guys are sucessful with girls and have dated more then there fair share.
The point of the topic is that they started lecturing me on what i have been doing wrong and making some suggestions to improve.
I never take someones opionions who are not in the community very seriously but am happy to hear what they have to say.

I have learnt to look at the whole sarging picture as appearing fun as the main priority. My belief is that in a nutshell when u first speak to a girl on a nite out she is more likely to eccept u if u are playfull and fun rather than serious and mature. And i mean this as in the first 5mins.
However my friends have a much more chilled out personality to this kind of character and start off buy sexualizing the conversation asap with calibrating it to the situation.
They basically said that cocky funny cheeky is not bad but will only earn u attraction like a comedian would. In fact they said that if humour was so powerful early on then most standup comedians would be heartthroabs. They told me to watch any so called pua off the tv e.g Tom Cruise Brad Pitt etc and notice that it is about coming in with the im going to pick up up whether u like it or not frame.
Im sure that this has benefits but i would have thought that early on as in the first 5mins it is safer to be funny rather than be too dominant.
Im not saying that humour is everything or domanance is everything i just wanted to see what others views were?

Im my opinion as attraction comes before seduction and it is mainly having the girl thinking this guy is cool enough to talk to then making her laugh really early on as in 5-10mins takes alot of beating and would be acceptable to most girls.

12-2012-10, 04:24 PM
Like the guy said earlier, it all depends. I have girls tell me all the time that I'm such an asshole, but then they are in my bed later. Now, I'm not saying go around twat punching girls and throwing sand in their face. I do everything with a shit eating grin and GOD like confidence.

For instance, I meet 3 friends at a sushi bar the other night. Our waitress is very attractive and my boy claims to have hooked up with her once. I introduced myself very casually. From there on I busted her balls, she couldn't do anything right. I called her friend and made sure to tell her to bring her friends out because I wanted to meet some cool girls. I never asked her to come out. I made her laugh and at one point she even walked away and said "he is such an ass". She was hanging around the table. I called her out on it and we got to talking and I was into comfort. Fast forward to later that night. She comes out and is caking on my boy who "hooked up" with her. At the end of the night she says I want to see you later and that she has never been attracted to anyone like me and there is no reason she should be. Gets my number and I tell her I can't do anything with her bc she hooked up with my boy, in which she replies, I never hooked up with him, I can't believe he said that.

This girl was a solid 8 and a college chearleader. I showed her social proof, I had another girl around me, and I was in control of my group. The fact I never hit on her and treated her like one of the guys and busted her balls made her literally almost rape me.

12-2012-10, 10:44 PM
The education must continue. Here is the reality.

There are ONLY 2 type of attractions.
(1) Stat Base Attraction
(2) Evolution Value Attraction

So just focus on these two

12-2012-11, 03:07 AM
According to the interview series on Humour Cajun basically says that if u can make a girl laugh it kind of flips all the attraction switches.
She has`nt got time to discover every high value thing about you so she thin slices you.This means that she gathers as much info about u in a short period of time by looking for shortcuts.
The point of the conversation was that you don`t find many guys who can appear like this to be low value. How many guys who act fun and tease etc.. early on are
1-Unsocial 2-have no friends 3- is unsucessful with women etc.. the list goes on and on.
Yes being leading and assertive is extremely attractive but i would say that if u come in too dominant early on then it is a much higher risk reward. My friend claims that he opened a 2 set which one was a guy and said your girl looks hot i had to come and say hello. I would never do this until i knew the status of the relationship.
It turned out that the guy was a geek and she was trying to look for a way out. So my friend rescued her. He said that she was attracted to him.
I think he kind of knew this before hand as that was a very dangerous situation which could have lead to violence.

It all boils down to the fact that im trying to be more fun up front instead of serious. I am looking at being more assertive and leading but after i have slight attraction.
If u approach a girl and say come out side with me and grab her hand. She will only do this if you have attraction.
Intrigue based is good but i think you need a little hook from a state based routine or whatever first otherwise you will come accross borring.

Theres a very good quote in the teasing interview by braddock a dax. They say you could be a really cool guy with lots of great high value things going on in your life but then the girl could always think to herself im going to go and find someone more fun!

Hank Havok
12-2012-11, 03:24 AM
Be interesting... The End. You're welcome HH

12-2012-12, 04:09 AM
How's your sexualization?

12-2012-12, 06:44 AM
A hammer is the best fucking tool.
You hold it then you smash a monkey's head with it. Then you're attractive.

12-2012-12, 08:15 PM
A hammer is the best fucking tool.
You hold it then you smash a monkey's head with it. Then you're attractive.

Great Suggestion. I am bring a hammer next time.