View Full Version : super weird situation and hot/cold im trying to close

07-23-2012, 11:14 PM
okay so this is a pretty weird scenario: my bestfriend and I both met this girl at a club whose probably like an 8.5, we both got her number and we have a little competition going on who can get with her first.

she was sending both of us extremely flirtacious texts and she basically told me she had feeligns for both of us, but anyways thats beside the point. My friend was supposed to get dinner with her friday, for whatever reason he invited me along, so we all hung out and she was flirting hard with both of us. we were going to go for the eiffel tower but it just didnt happen, (my friend made a move on her and she was like i dont want your friend (me) to get jealous)

anyways, she was flirting super hard with me via text, and we were supposed to go to the beach wednesday,she basically told me to make a move on her. So then all of a sudden she started acting really really bitchy...the other day she said my confidence was a really big turn on and today she was just like "youre overconfident and i cant take it anymore. youre probably just really insecure, blah blah blah, anyways, the beach is way too intimate, what are you planning to do with all that privacy anyways?"...and ive just been giving her super sarcastic response like "oh wow well i just wanted all that privacy to make conversation with you obviously"

shes kind of annoying me but i had a great big smile on my face when i saw her attempt to turn the tables on me like that...flipping girls these days :p