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07-20-2012, 09:54 AM
Hey guys, I need some input from you'll regarding this girl:

This girl is an HB8, has a good career, in great shape, and a pleasant personality.
Problem is, she lives in the same building that I live in, so I guess the regular rules of pickup need to be used with some caution.

The first time we met, we just had a brief chat while at the elevator, and I could tell she was interested. The next time was when I was going out and she was returning from somewhere and we simply said hi and smiled (1.5 weeks after first meet). Normally, if I see the kind of reaction I had from her the first time we met, I would carry out the convo further, and number close ( thanks to advice from this forum, I can do this with some consistency now, but still learning a lot.)

The third time we met was last week. She walked over to me smiling, and started a conversation. We talked for a bit, and exchanged numbers. That was early this week.

What are your thoughts about dating neighbors? I categorically avoid dating women from work and neighbors. I am kind of hesitant about this, but she seems like a nice girl.
Also, if she does not call back (maybe she's having the same 2nd thoughts about dating neighbors), do I just not call again and wait till I run into her again? Thanks for the help.

07-20-2012, 02:30 PM
Here is what I do:

I say to myself "hey, take it easy, she is a neighbour" and my dick says "ASS, HmMMmMM"

So I follow my dick and go for her but rationalise it by thinking "It is ok, I just want to have fun and hang out, and I'm gonna keep it friends"

but whilst I'm rationalising it my dick is saying "GET CLOSER TO THAT HOT ASS"

So I get closer and hang out with her, then I start thinking "Oh shit, how am I going to game other women, this girl is too close to home"

but then my dick is saying "DAmn, she is so close, can get her pussy all the time!"

Well, guess what wins?

Then I have to think "Oh shit, well since I now have oneitis with a girl I am practically living with already, at least I can concentrate on things other than sex for a few months until I have to move house"

Hope that helps

07-20-2012, 03:13 PM
Thanks for responding Birthday. And I want your response to help. But after you compared which head to think with...and I think you're saying the little one tends to win...you then slapped oneitis on the situation. Which isn't what this is about.

It's "if/when shit hits the fan...is this girl too close to home to be worth messing with to begin with?"

Obviously it's personal opinion. But the hope was to receive other objective personal opinions. So yours was what exactly?

I'm starting to think let whatever happens happen. Be man enough to set expectations up front and keep your shit together so if it ends up not being what you both want, at least you had fun meanwhile and part on ok terms.

07-20-2012, 03:53 PM
You should at least be friendly with her...she probably has hot friends.

07-26-2012, 06:46 PM
You should at least be friendly with her...she probably has hot friends.

Yeah, just get to know her better and start off as platonic friends and see where it goes. Maybe she is the right one for you or maybe her roommate is the right girl for you.

Most people say don't date your neighbor or someone you work with, and that may be good advice if you plan on "dating and breaking up with a lot of women" and you don't want the drama to follow you home.

But in my experience, Women actually Prefer to date guys they know in the Apartment or at Work. Because Women are generally apprehensive about meeting sketchy guys in bars/online dating sites, women only want to date men in their Circle of Trust (through friends, work, etc.). Because of laziness, fear, or safety, women feel more comfortable dating a normal guy in her building or at work (who have been pre-screened by HR as reliable human beings). As for dating your neighbor, the girl will think it will be easier to have a relationship, since she can keep an eye on whether you are cheating on her, and she literally knows where you live and where to find you at all hours of the day.

07-27-2012, 12:42 AM
OP: I'm not sure you comprehended me correctly, perhaps my post was too cryptic.

Regardless my point is this really:Gaming close to home has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is they are close; the disadvantage is they are close...