View Full Version : Help!!! Games Backsliding hard core, Approach anxiety is crippling

07-2012-19, 04:29 PM
Okay so I been gaming for a while now, but the type of game I'm dealing with has vastly changed. I'm just coming out of college where I had high social status and attraction from girls but never really new what to do with it.
After spending some time learning about dating science/pick-up it became so much easier, even when I was out at bars doing cold-approaches it was soo much easier because I was out with friends and I had alot of social proof.

New world, I'm getting commited to this and have been going out alone this summer
first couple weeks were good, taking awhile to open but doing it. And having some success, with some number and kiss closes off cold approaches I think I had a few lays I blew and was pretty sure of it lol but who cares I was learning so it was whatever.

Then there was a switch after a few nights with really good success then really bad nights. Now my approach anxiety is rediculous, the thing is that once I get to talking I feel COMPLETELY relaxed and confident, just talking, Kino escalation, and so forth. But I am having such a hard time with opening.

People tell me what has worked for you, because I been all over this site trying stuff thats posted and it hasn't been doing much.
Help a bro out, THanks community