View Full Version : shes seeing sumone, tryna win her over

07-2012-18, 03:25 AM
shes sorta hung up on this guy, who she knows they wont work out, and i told her clearly im here to win her over. Im planning just to hang out with her and try to create kino since i feel like i create too much comfort with her.

Any pointers?

07-2012-18, 04:13 AM
This guys a challenge.. She knows they won't work out.. which is why she will be trying to make it work. You've told her your here to win her over, she knows she can have you. you're losing bro.

07-2012-18, 06:14 AM
Yup - HEīs the challenge. Not you.
Besides, all you will get from this is drama in your life.
Next her and move on to women who are not attached and donīt have exBFs in their lives.

07-2012-18, 01:41 PM
i know im in a shitty situation, but this chick is sorta hard to pass on.
im partially moving on alrdy by talking to sumone else.
however i decided to hang around n see if we can have any progress.

idk wuts gonna happen in this shitty situation for me, but any pointers will help

Itz Skip
07-2012-18, 02:48 PM
Dude.... drop this now you need to eject take yourself out the equation your going to fall hard.

07-2012-18, 03:58 PM
1. You were beta by knighting her love

2. You're beta for chasing her when she has warned you off

3. You gotta move on.

I'm starting to think people come here not to learn pickup, but to get advice with obsession because the forum title has "attraction" in it.