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07-18-2012, 03:21 AM
Its been a little more than a week since I went to her place for a drinking session, with a lot of other friends present there too. we hit it off really well that night and it was quite strange as I did meet her twice before and we really didn't talk as much. Nevertheless, we both were quite drunk that night and alot of sexual tension did build up, yet we didn't kiss. The next morning after breakfast I ask for her number and she asks me to take it from one of our common friends. I do that and in no time we are texting through the day, flirting a little otherwise just making small talk. A couple of days later we go out drinking and shes drinking well, leaning in, making her eyes into slits, cooing me, flirting back, arm in arm and everything that seems to me (and the rest of our friends) that she is into me.
Before this my friends have already warned me that she has a boyfriend who is very unattractive, boring, a software engineer (in India, especially Bangalore this is the commonest profession you will ever find in the ages 22-28. On the other hand i am quite an exotic catch for her, i earn my points in profession by being a snake researcher, forest dweller, photographer etc.), pretty much anything but interesting.
Back to her leaning in and getting drunk...my friend seems to have noticed that she is wearing lip-gloss for the first time and also that shes got butterflies in her stomach whenever they speak of me. On one occasion when i leave for the bathroom, she asks my friends why am i flirting with her, they answer back that shes doing the same and to that hse responds oh but i have a boyfriend and i shouldn't. I manage to drop her home and get to her place with the excuse of a smoke.
At this point let me be honest, nothing like this has ever happened in my life, I have only slept with a girl I dated for 3 years. So I am definitely desperate in need of some variety etc. On the other hand she has quite a handful of experience in 5 years (8 boyfriends) and she is a masters in psychology.
Once at her place we light up and due to lack of experience I really have no idea what move to put or anything, shes asks me to leave several times, i screw around a bit coz i know shes fucking with me. I kiss her on the cheek twice, there is alot of hugging and hand kino and touching, my leaning in is too obvious im sure and i end up leaving.
The saturday night after this we have a party and her bf is present who never danced with her, touched her, treated her like a woman, nor handled her when she was drunk, and there was some intense sexual tension between the two of us: brushing against each other, touching, long long stares that ended in the two of us laughing silently. I did not make any move simply coz I did not want to attract too much attention for both our good. The night is a total fuck scene the bf leaves her drunk in the bathroom and wakes up crying and some other bull shit, im at her place with another friend waiting for one of our buddies who has passed out. At the end he comes back, we all sleep and then end up going home.
We still keep the msging going and i meet her alone a couple of days back directly asking her if she would mind me coming to her place, she dosent say no but says that shes hungry. We meet at a nearby cafe and the part ways, the same night the texting is quite intense, witty, flirty, smooth (she compliments me). And she strikes a deal with me saying that I should leave from bangalore when she leaves for mumbai. I text her today trying to figure out what she is trying to pull off about this 'deal' or is she just playing games with me. So i am texting indirectly, i have been instructed to be as little straightforward as i can so i try to get her to talk abt this deal and instantly she asks me why am i talking in riddles (this was a relief, but i still do not say much and wait for her) she cracks and says she aint sure of anything today and will let me know but then she has now made a plan for this place called "plan B" and to which i joke asking her if she knows what plan A is, she says no and I say it comes after plan B. she compliments me that im too funny.

My scene: I wanna fuck her, shes cute, i like her but i don't want a relationship nor do i want her to break up with the guy. i just want her this way.
And dont gimme moral statements coz i am fine with my girl wanting to explore a lil.

And now this "Plan B" is going to happen tomorrow and i don't know if she is planning on informing more people of this. How do I figure out if this is fucking date or not?

And I really want to know if she wants to sleep with me or am i just a source of entertainment.
This is happening real time and keep in mind she stays alone, and we are indians.

07-18-2012, 04:20 AM
Nice story bro

07-18-2012, 04:37 AM
Haha...so gimme advice man. Help!

07-18-2012, 05:21 AM
She's obviously interested.. you need to pull the trigger! I get fed up with reading FR on how they were together kino was high, she was in my lap.. but nothing happened. >.> kiss her.. pursue her, make it happen. obvs depending on what your personal morals are on bf's etc..

07-18-2012, 07:23 AM
I am sorry about the field report, this is the first on the forum. Will try avoiding the details.
Alright make it happen is a good guide.

07-18-2012, 07:50 AM
should stand for fuck report.. not field report >.>

07-18-2012, 08:09 AM
haha....soon it shall be soon