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07-2012-17, 02:25 PM
OK, so I'm new around here, and I thought I'd go straight in - as there's this one girl who has been on my mind a lot.

Until reasonably recently I had very little confidence with women, or in anything in my life. But I have experienced a period of rapid transition - I can talk to most people and have been doing exceptionally well with women. My chat and as a result my understanding is better. I have even been giving other men casual advice with what to do with women - advice which has worked.

However, despite all this for the whole year I have really had this one girl in mind. I struggle to get as excited around other girls as I do about this one. She is fantastic.

We started off very slow, I could hardly talk to her because of my shyness - she had a boyfriend then too. But since I hit a spike of confidence I have been chatting to her on Facebook, she's also split up with her boyfriend, she usually initiates conversation and recently I got her number.

Now the conversation had been going well. I can tell she liked me (I'm convinced, female/male mates all convinced), there's almost no debate there.

But I left it a couple of days before texting her - then got no reply to a very open ended text. Our conversation before that had been very good and very forward.

Now it's been over a week. And there's been no contact. It's just gone dead. It feels dead. I probably should've text again but got too hung up on the no reply. I also have been very aware that this girl is going away to study abroad for a few months at the end of this month I'll see her again but not until November - if I tried to start something now it could be awkward as we're both very busy. There's always a difficulty of the momentum I was trying to build breaking down regardless of what happens between now and when she goes away. (Right?)

Now I don't know what to do.
Have I ruined it by failing to escalate in the right moment?
Should I try texting/talking to her now even though it's been weeks?
Should I just wait until she gets back from studying abroad and try to relight the spark?

Thanks for any help, this has been on my mind for weeks now and some form of closure or direction would do me good as it hasn't shown any signs of subsiding.

In the meantime I'll look to contribute where I can as I'd hate to get something for nothing. Thanks for all replies in advance!


07-2012-17, 04:56 PM
If she likes you - Stop fucking texting, get her out. If she is keen, then messaging all the time is going to make it boring for her. She isnt looking for a pen pal.

Get her out, and escalate Kino, then Kiss close, then fuck... Doesnt have to be in that order though ;)

Hank Havok
07-2012-18, 12:14 AM
You have romanticised this girl in your mind as the "one" and at some point she probably picked up on it and lost interest. Even in your writing it is obvious. Just chill for a week and randomly send her a text at 1am one night "Running late, there in 15" and if she doesn't reply then it's over. If she's remotely interested she'll write back and ask what you're talking about. Then just simply tell her "wrong person, sorry" and re engage. You're welcome. HH

07-2012-18, 10:44 AM
Hey, thanks for the replies, really appreciate the input.
The one issue which I forgot to mention in my original post was that we will, up until she goes away, be living in different cities. I will have the opportunity to go up to her city, but likely only for a day or two. No harm in timing a bait text like HH suggested.

One of my issues is that even is I do 'full close', then the spark will fade during her time away.

Despite the fact our interactions have ended on a low note with a no reply text, I have been tempted to leave it until she gets back, until it's more convenient for both of us and then do pretty much as Portrait has said swiftly and effectively. Is there a chance her interest will be difficult to recapture when she gets back from study abroad?

Itz Skip
07-2012-18, 03:01 PM
-The reason you find this girl attractive is because there's a time constraint on your interaction making you want to rush things.
-If you get down some solid game girls will think about you for months.
-I'd leave it if she messages you talk to her but start setting up other options.