View Full Version : Girl purposely making me hit her up to hang out. Want her to become attracted again.

07-2012-15, 09:56 PM
It used to be both of us texting each other but now its just me.

What happened was a friend and I made her angry, it was pretty small. It was simply because we didnt invite her somewhere with us on July 4th. She got angry and didnt speak to us. Over the next couple weeks I texted her a few times and shes over it.

Now, she will not text my friend or I to hang out, which she always used to do. Now apparently shes making us invite her everywhere. I've invited her to 3 separate events and she she was busy or couldnt make it or something. Either shes really busy or making shit up just to make me beg for her presence.

Im tired of inviting her because its making me look desperate for her time and I dont want to make myself look pathetic. What would you guys do here?

I was thinking of giving her one more call to try and fix this whole immature situation.

Shes been a friend for a really long time and she used to be interested in me, but lost interest. Im trying to get her to like me once again, and the no contact thing backfired on me, she just thought I was trying to avoid her and did nothing for attraction. (I guess it would help if she was attracted in the first place lol)

Im coming here for friendship advice as well as seduction advice, since you guys know how women think. Thanks a lot!

07-2012-16, 06:37 AM
I'd date other women.

That will solve all your problems.

Don't hide it from her and don't rub it in her face either.

Just date other women and raise your value.

If you really want to see if she likes you, invite her out whist you are with another girl. That'll be interesting.

07-2012-16, 06:54 AM
It's possible that her behavior is no longer about punishing you. She may simply have no interest in hangin' out with you right now.

Whatever the case, I'd leave it. Go out, date other women, let her find out (without trying too hard to get her to notice) and be casual/cool with her whenever you guys DO talk. Don't be rude/short, but don't be needy either. Be exactly what she wants. A PLATONIC FRIEND. If she still likes you, you'll know it after a while.