View Full Version : Sample DHV story. Thoughts, comments welcome!

07-2012-13, 07:10 PM
Hey Guys,

Here is a sample DHV story I have been playing with. Yes, it actually happened to me. Nothing crazy, but I had a lot of realizations come from it. It may be too long for attraction, so some ideas to tighten it would be cool... Here we go...

"The most amazing thing happened to me in France. I had been there for about a week with family and while I was there I had made a short excursion to Scotland to visit a friend in college. Well, when I arrived back in Paris I decided to take a taxi from the airport back to the apartment because I thought it would be quicker than the metro. Unfortunately, by the time we hit the city limits rush hour had commenced! The cabbie had kept the meter running while we were sitting in traffic, so I decided to hop out and navigate the city by foot… because how hard could it be? *kino* You know?

I pay the taxi driver and bounce out to the streets. After looking around for about 30 seconds it hits me, I have NO idea where I am… I’m on an adventure now! My heart is racing and excitement surges through my body.

I begin to walk the streets and I totally relaxed into my surroundings. A sense of wonder comes over me. The city looks different now… instead of American Affirmed, I am Parisian Affirmed. I casually walk along the Seine River, looking at street artist’s painting. I sit down at a café and have a glass of wine on the outdoor patio, making small talk with the people sitting around me. I am aware of all my senses and being in the moment.

Although it took me several hours to get back to the apartment, I now have a real appreciation for being in the present moment. You know the feeling, right?"

It shows that I...

I travel.
I can travel with family.
I am adventurous.
I am confident.
I enjoying being in the present moment.

Thoughts, comments, are welcome!