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07-2012-13, 06:44 PM
There are quite a few questions with roadblocks I have ran into lately. I haven't gone out to game in real world lately, due to some inner game issues and lack of money. If you don't feel on point with yourself, chances are you aren't going to be successful. I'm not addressing this problem in this thread, I know how to deal with that and am currently working to rectify that problem. The below paragraphs are my ordeal

1) My game hasn't really been on point as of lately. I know I've probably had quite a few issues throughout my time in learning this stuff, mainly I believe I"m probably coming across as try hard by making a conscience effort to appear as that I'm not trying hard. I can't necessarily say this is what is going on, but I constantly find myself in an interaction thinking "what do I say next" "what do I do next". Not sure how to necessarily get rid of this. I know the material and how this stuff works, but find myself in my head a lot

2) Attraction. Of course I know attraction is basically making the girl value you based on certain assets she finds "attractive" I.E. preselection, confidence, humor, health, etc. Of course you may stand there and look confident, etc, but I guess attraction through verbal communication. I have very confident body language, and tonality and some other aspects, but how do you get that instant attraction? How do you know when to shut off the big outrageous stuff and start qualifying and building comfort?

3) Qualification and comfort. Of course as we all know, a woman may be completely and utterly swooning over you one minute and the next may not even look in your general direction or give you the time of day. We of course combat this with qualification and comfort. I generally go with the bait, hook, reel, release model, which I absolutely love! I don't know if maybe I'm not making them work hard enough for the attention and thats why they flake later or what. I feel I'm generally pretty good at qualification, but also feel I could use improvement. And comfort, I'm fucking dead in the water! I generally begin kind of deeper cold reads and such. I'm not sure if I go in so deep that it may come across as creepy. I see comfort building as literally just 2 people getting to know each other, but a lot of times as I've said in the beginning, I find myself really thinking and pondering as to what to say to create that emotional investment. Also sexual qualification, and how to get her wanting to isolate you into the bedroom

4) And the big fucking question of the night....Investment! Lads, if anyone can help me out with this one, I'll buy you a soda pop! I know compliance builds investment, and I know a vast majority behind all of this stuff is small steps in investment from the woman. I'm sure this is going to come across as such a broad question, but how do you really get her to invest? An prime example I can use is both online dating, and through text game. The overall goal is to get her to invest in longer answers and give more details about herself otherwise you're just left spitting out routines if you don't get to actually know her. But if someone could kind of break down how they may get a girl to invest in conversation, emotionally, etc it would be well appreciated. Like I said, broad question, but I'm sure most of you guys know what I'm trying to say here.

I know this is a fucking LONG read, but these are the sticking points that are really hindering me right now, which looking at it basically looks like just about everything. Attraction, I feel, just needs a bit of a tweak. The biggest thing is comfort, and getting her to invest. Thanks for hearing my rant gents

07-2012-14, 12:59 AM
Will pm u very soon.you owe me 1 tho.

07-2012-14, 01:17 AM
Attraction, I feel, just needs a bit of a tweak. The biggest thing is comfort, and getting her to invest.

she wont invest if she is not attracted

you are running in circles

07-2012-14, 07:40 AM
she wont invest if she is not attracted

you are running in circles

oh she will invest if she is attracted but that investment is low we are looking for that high investment

07-2012-14, 07:54 AM
Philemon that would be awesome! I want that instant like sky high attraction so she is willing to invest more and more. Just pm me. And yeah man, def. Anything I can help you out with later on down the road, don't hesitate to ask!

07-2012-25, 12:23 AM
I love investment based attraction and I figure one way of sky rocketing investment levels in conversation.Nick hoss in his audio youtube series talks about mastery topics which i think is a great thing when keeping in a conversation but at a point in time you need to let her do the most of the talking while you direct the conversation to wherever you want it.So focus on some your mastery topics during the attraction stage and talk about it if you want to.During qualification or comfort stage,you need to focus on her mastery topics. find out what she is really into and then dwell deeper on it. only do this if you have equal interest in it as well. If you can get her to keep talking about what she likes for some period of time,you are getting somewhere.

So instead of worrying what to say next in your head,get her to do most of the talking while you focus on eye contact and kino escalation.be listening as well.