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07-2012-13, 04:32 PM
How I got into Game
One year ago, I was in a state of confusion. I just had graduated high school and I was about to enter the real world. I had just gotten dumped by a girl who had no respect for me. There was a plethora of things wrong with that relationship, but like many others, I clung onto it for dear life. The day of my graduation, a day where most people are celebrating this tremendous accomplishment, I was mad and sorely dissatisfied. Deep down I knew something was wrong. I vowed that during that summer I would make a change. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I knew I was in store for something drastic. Enter "The Game." Once I got my hands on this book, my life would never be the same. I finished that book on the fourth of July, reading it straight through the night. My mind was blown, but I wanted more.

Enter "TheAttractionForums." Discovering this site led to yet another discovery.
Enter "Grimbo." After messaging Grimbo on the forums, I found out this world is a small fuckin place. By chance, we both live in the same small town. We then proceeded to go out a shit ton. Over time, Grimbo and I have grown to become great friends and hang out all the time.

The Pay Off
Over the past year, I have become a well-rounded man. Finding game gave me the kick start for the rest of my life. There are numerous positive side effects that occur after being in game for some time. Just to name a few...

1. Extreme motivation to be successful in whatever i'm doing (4.0 GPA both first and second semester of college, received academic scholarship).
2. Meeting incredible people. Both men and women. Some in game and some not in game. Regardless, there are some fuckin awesome people out there.
3. Having incredible stories. They range from crazy nights with various women to the ridiculous adventures with friends. Living a life of action will create the stories you"ll remember for the rest of your life.
4. Ability to CHOOSE and SCREEN women. This one is EXTREMELY important. No more settling in life, once you get decent, you can pick the women you want.
5. No worries and concerns about my dating life. I saved this one for last as it is definitely the best benefit. Whether I have constant booty calls, or not one single girl. I don't think about it. If I want girls, I KNOW I can get girls.

Disclaimer: Im not an outrageous pimp when it comes to dating science. I have spent a lot of time working on this skill set and it has slowly but surely paid off. I'm not out there pulling girls every night. I enjoy deep connection with another person, finding quality women, and unleashing the inner man I always knew I had. At the pace I am currently going, I will have my dating life completely handled by the time I graduate college.

For the New Guys
One thing of note for the guys just getting into this. Doing anything well takes sacrifice. Society has programmed us to work hard and study hard so it is counter-intuitive to go out all the time and practice this skill set. But, if you REALLY want this, then you must know there will be sleepless nights, there will be days where you must trudge through work, and there will be countless days of hitting the pavement. You will have off days and you will have on days. But stick with it, write down some goals, and document your sets, and see the life you've always wanted appear.

The Future
Its only been one year and I have done a shit ton of growing up. I look forward to my future. I'd like to thank Grimbo, zman, MyNameizX, the swede, zmskee, and the countless girls whom I have talked to on this journey. Lets make the most of this strange thing called life. Enjoy your summer fellas, I know I will.

07-2012-13, 04:36 PM
Dude, excellent recap. You hit the nail on the head on your post. Congrats to a new life man. You are only 19 too. Man what I would do to have learned about this at 19.

Amazing recap. Congrats.

07-2012-14, 10:03 AM
How did you become friends with the "popular" guys at your college?

Did they come to you after your success with women, or did you use some of the techniques in Magic Bullets (besides seduction of course :P) to become friends?

07-2012-15, 05:47 AM
I make friends by just being social with everyone. A good mindset to have is: "Be the guy you would want to hang out with." And yes, once you start having success with women, both men and women will start seeking YOU out. Magic Bullets is a great starting point in becoming that social guy. There's also some great "College Game" resources on the forums under the "Best Of" section.

07-2012-15, 11:43 AM
Inspirational shit man. It's crazy that you've managed so much already; I'm about to head off to my last year of college and I've only just started internalizing this stuff. Nevertheless it's amazing how much more awesome everything is when you develop a social circle and you become more popular with women.