View Full Version : Ok, who tried gaming my group tonight?

Love Monkey
07-12-2012, 09:55 PM
After my date I went out to a new spot to do a little Latin dancing. They closed down early so we were all milling about trying to figure out what to do. I see two dudes were looking at the ladies trying to pump themselves up into approaching. They start talking to HBAgeless (she immediately did not like them, but she is nice) and try some weird neg about her drink. They then transition into a conversation about dancers meaning strippers and HBAgeless is definitely not liking them, so I try talking to them (even though it means DLV for me) just because I like to see them try. They do OK, but I could tell they were trying too hard to impress me or befriend me, or lower my value... I couldn't quite tell which. Of course HBAgeless actually makes a comment directed at me as I expected, and I smile and continue on (I'm actually amused at her naivete). She is not happy with me which tells me she has something for me. One of the guys says as much and I play clueless. I suspect they thought I was an obstacle or AMOG.

So the Alpha female shows up and is talking to the group totally ignoring the guys. I felt like putting an arm around her, but that is just too reactive for me. She is not mine and I actually want the guys to open her so that I can see how she reacts (this way I can figure out her behavior when she is hitting her limits) if she blows them out. They are debating taping her on the shoulder. Instead my other friend HBArtist walks by and one reaches out to her. She avoids them and steps infront of me. I wrap my arms around her just because she is in proximity and the guys react (they have to stop that if they want to improve) like "woah" or something. She later thanked me for protecting her from the guys ;)

We all then leave to go dancing elsewhere. The rest of the night kind of died for me. Well, I did pick up HBArtist and carry her around. She is a cool cat and I know my leading her strongly turned on the attraction more that I cared for, but I kept it cool and balanced then slowly made it boring to wear the attraction away (I'm not into her and don't like sending mixed signals). Hopefully I did not attract her anymore with a hot/cold mix.

Love Monkey
07-13-2012, 07:27 AM
Oh btw, they gamed me enough to have the girls wondering if they wanted to pick me up.

07-13-2012, 08:18 AM
Not sure if I understand the question...

Love Monkey
07-13-2012, 09:32 AM
Not sure if I understand the question...

Just a semi joke about running into guys just starting out, trying to pickup the girls in my group. First time I've seen an attempt at structured pickup on the girls I hang with. They were practicing opening and transitioning with some framing to qualify. A little push pull on me I guess because it got sloppy for a minute.