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07-2012-12, 10:02 AM
Surffreak’s TAF Romance Monologue Something different

Ive been wanting to write a post on this for a while, now that I have some time I have decided to write this post. Some of you can probably relate but what I want to do is write the steps that I have experienced on my journey, and you could even learn something new. What I once thought was a process to get girls turned into something more. This whole community isn’t designed so you only get good with girls. In order for that to happen you need to fix all other aspects of your life. When most people start in this community a lot of people do not realize the whole process of this journey. Which is why I hate referring to myself as a PUA, im not one. I am just trying to master parts of my life to become a better overall person. A lot of people fail at attempting to become better with girls because they do not realize that they have to focus on so many other areas in their life first. Baby steps are key and this whole journey is more than just mastering game. Along the way you will realize that every area for bettering your life will be affected and you might not even realize.

Before I begin you have to realize that I have been fascinated with girls my whole life. I think they are fucking beautiful and I appreciate every feature that they have. Girls make my dick hard and they also should be respected and appreciated, they are a gift to us men not matter what you think. They are our mothers, lovers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, slam peices, etc… Love them
This post is more like a timeline of the process of mastering game and how I got to the point where I am now, there is a lot of fucked up things that I had to witness along the way. Regardless I learned so many lessons from them. Im going to skip out on the funny storys, 3-somes, 4-somes, lays etc to only the big milestones in my game to make this post not as long.

Part I: The Beginning (3-4 years ago)

- I was a teenager watching “The Pick-Up Artist”… This weird as fuck looking guy is picking up hot girls? And these nerdy guys are doing what he is saying and getting random girls!? This stuff has to work… Immediately I was sold after a season. I myspaced one of the runner-ups in one of the seasons and he surprisingly told me what I needed to do to get started. I went out and bought the book “Mystery Method”, eager to read it i brought that book everywhere to read. I was ready for my first approach. I seriously believed that I had the secret to fucking any girl I wanted and all I needed was to follow the book and that I had the golden dick of all dicks. Failure was not an option. I was at a concert and saw this girl standing with a girl and talking to my friend. I approach the group negged her, I didn’t know what to do next, my thoughts in my heard were “shit do I neg more? wait no im supposed to build attraction… fuck it bail!” I left the group and stood against a wall. Even though I had no idea what was going to happen next, I stood up against the wall and said watch this girl is going to come up to me in the next 30 seconds. Some miracle occurred and she actually came. My friend was in shocked, and I was so hot headed that I felt like i had unlocked the key to finding atlantis. I will never forget her, I lost my virginity to her, then never talked to her again. Unfortunately we were young she responded well to “negging” which really actually affected my game.

- Every girl I talked to I negged, she responded well but then she would hate me. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong… I started to doubt MM, but I knew I had to be persistent with this. My approach anxiety was through the roof and I was afraid to pull the trigger in any scenario involving rejection. Which is what led me to this forum.

Part II My first real 10

There are still some old posts on this girl on this forum. She was my first real perfect 10 and my “great white buffalo”. I was young and I thought that this girl was better than me and I didn’t deserve her. After a bunch of time talking to her, I found a post on TAF on what to say during a phone call. I built up the courage to invite her out, and called her. She said yes, and I was so excited. Finally what ive wanted so badly which was to “sleep with 10’s” was working. Except my inner game at this point was horrible, I considered myself as a pretty good-looking guy but I had zero confidence. I took her to the party and everyone was shocked that I brought this girl. Towards the end of the night I was in the same bed with her… My heart was pounding so fast that she had to feel it. She started to lay on my chest… Im thinking just “DO IT”. But every fucking reason to why I shouldn’t popped up into my head. “what if she says no, it will be weird for her, she doesn’t like you, you don’t deserve her” All fucked up things. If you compare how my brain thinks to now and then, they wouldn’t even be close to the same. AS she lay on my chest I thought it was a good idea to take things slow and not kiss her. I fall asleep and wake up asking if she is still up. While on my chest she says yes, but I still do not do anything and just think what if. We hang out a couple more times and still do not make any moves… Until one night. 3 months go bye of flakes, but she finally came out. Now within this 3 months I read up and started to read everything I could on pick-up, and watch every video imaginable. Now this will bring you nowhere because in this whole process the only true way you learn is through experience.

I brought her to a friend’s house and I thought that I will try tonight. Later into the night, she was fed up, pulled me into the bathroom and started to make out with me. Since I read so much information I thought the best idea was to say something I heard old time instructor sinn say, “that’s all you get” then walk away. This was probably the worst thing too do in my situation. Since she was so fed up that was the nail in the coffin. To get back at me she went to sleep with my friend. I lost my temper and things got out of hand. I left and actually started to cry. I rushed to the forums to write a angry post on what to do. It was too late I lost her. Since that point on I told myself that I was never going to lose a girl for being to passive, and to always try and make a move. I would always read some instructor say, “would you rather lose a girl for being to passive, or for being to aggressive.” That thought never really stuck until after this event. Then I thought I needed more information so I got magic bullets

Part III My first real GF

My first real 10 actually introduced me to her friend who was hot but she had a boyfriend. She actually texted me and we instantly had attraction. Even though my inner game was shit, the girl was awesome and my next step was learning how to get rid of girls with boyfriends. She ended her relationship for me, and I was in love a while in. Because my inner game was still shit, then my AFC traits started to kick in 3 months in, after our relationship became an LDR everything started to go down hill. I ended things with her but I was so fucking weak I thought I needed her in my life… For a year straight I tried to get her back. She fucked with my head so much and we both fucked each other over in spite of hate, wether it was getting with our friends or pissing each other off. But in some way she was always around. And to this day still tries to get back into my life… She was crazy and half the shit that I dealt with her was unreal. When I talk to her every once in a while I still see myself slipping back into a person I didn’t want to be. I had to move on and it was so fucking hard because she would call drunk or send texts, even date my friends to get my attention…. It did work for a while but I had to say no. I may have had a really slutty experience after this heartbreak and was hooking up and having sex with a different girl every night… Not my proudest moment but it took me about 3 months of this to get over all the time and effort I put in with my first real relationship with a 10

Part IV Go-Getting & Persistance

After my first relationship I realized that a lot of great girls are not single, so for some reason I started to get with girls with boyfriends. This was a lose/lose. First a girl who cheats on her boyfriend with you does not mean she will not cheat on you. I went on to date girls who left their boyfriends for me and that was a dead end road. It wasn’t till recently where I decided to stop this. But in getting with girls with boyfriends I developed a kean sense of persistence. Girls with boyfriends, you have to be persistent which helped me in other aspects in life… What I learned is no matter what it is I am always persistent. My uncle used to say, “are you hungry like a wolf, or are you hungry like a sheep.” How bad do you want something? If you are hungry for it then you have to be persistent and never give up. Which is what I started to do in a lot of aspects in my life. This really helped my game skyrocket

Part V Where I Am Now

I am happily having a great time with my life, my inner game is tremendous and I don’t really have to rely on cold approach, my social circle is big enough to where I never need to approach girls. I have come a long, long way. Im in a position where I dont even text a lot of girls back now because there is so many... I have high standard now. I am not perfect yet and I tend to have trust issues with girls because of all the stuff ive encountered and seen its hard for me to trust a girls. But im working on it. Don’t give up on this stuff, its has definitely changed my life for the better.

Next article will be posted soon. Thanks!