View Full Version : "Poly-itis" - The opposite of "Oneitis?"

The Philosopher
07-2012-11, 09:22 PM

So, I'm wondering if I'm starting to experience the opposite of Oneitis. Whereas before, I would focus all my attentions on one girl while excluding all other options. Now, I sometimes feel paralyzed because I'm surrounded by beautiful girls constantly and the potential bounty of options makes me worried about succeeding in gaming a cute girl who I'd have sex with, except that she's otherwise average and only one-night stand material. Not a bad problem to have, obviously, so I'm not whining or complaining. Just making an observation to see if any others have experienced this as I while I am starving currently, I also don't want to become a gluttonous creep either.

07-2012-13, 06:55 AM
Yeah, I have the same problem too sometimes of too many good options and indecision. I'm not exactly looking for one night stands and want to build a relationship. But sometimes its just easier to go with the one night stand or sleep with her after a few dates before deciding whether or not she is girlfriend material.

Don Kitty
07-2012-18, 06:05 PM
Yep, entered to a room full of hot babes and doing exactly the worst; NOTHING.

With the time you learn to be more a man of action.

Don't worry and do more.

07-2012-18, 06:48 PM
Don, I think you missed the OPs point - He is obviously a man of action, and is sealing the deal. His problem is abundance, and wants to try and find a good woman to settle down with, but instead he is living a different lifestyle of abudance.

OP - If you want to get into a relationship. Keep doing what you are doing. Eventually you will find a girl who challenges you to be the best you, and who brings out qualities in you that the others dont. Thats the girl you should be 'keep'. Until you find a girl who stands out, dont settle for mediocricy.

You are doing some good work. Keep it up.