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07-2012-07, 05:34 PM
1. "Don't shit where you eat" is a rule I live by. I don't game girls I work with. AND I live with two HOT roommates that I REFUSE to game. The consequences DESTROY the minimal benefits.

2. I worked with this HB8 for 6 months. We had a VERY casual acquaintance. ie: we'd greet each other in the rare times we saw each other in the hallway. A couple times I was summonsed to help her in her office (I'm an I T. guy) and I did take those opps to chat her up. There was chemistry felt but I knew better than to act on it.

3. A couple weeks ago, I informed my entire office of my new job opp by goimg to individual offices. When i told her I was leaving she expressed how boring it would be with me gone (repeat: we RARELY interacted so I took this as an IOI).

There's more details but long story short she's DLV'd herself to me several times during our short infrequent convos. "My life is boring." "You're always having fun." "I'm not an interesting person." (She's actually intelligent, attractive, and funny.)

On my last day (Thursday this week), I went around to everyone's office and said my goodbyes. She gave me a VERY full bodied hug, said she'd miss me, and I said I'll hit you up sometime so you can get out a lil ;).

She was excited and offered me her email address (I feel like I should have pressed to swap #s...rookie error...but anyway). So since we USED to work together and my new position MAY (one day...at some undefined point) put us in the same building for a day (not to work together but to MAYBE cross paths), is this under the same rule as CURRENT coworkers?

Or is this game on as usual?

PS: I'm not ignoring other girls while this is brewing.

07-2012-08, 02:45 AM
Game away buddy.

07-2012-09, 05:17 AM
Office girls love a personable IT guy because it's a break from the alpha geek, basement dweller types their use to dealing with.
Coming from experience I see two girls regularly from the last office I worked at and they are more into me than any of the girls from social circle; its real odd.
If you are still working close to each other I suggest meeting for lunch casually before moving onto drinks after work because even though you've worked together you probably don't know each other that well; use lunch as an opportunity to ask questions.

07-2012-09, 07:51 AM
Can't believe you even have to ask, if you are a red-blooded male.
I agree its best to proceed with caution when dealing with office women. Its good to flirt but not touch.
But in today's office world, dating a girl at work is more common according to reports.
But while hookups may be common, it may move quickly into a serious thing just based on the enormous amount of time you spend together. So choose wisely to make sure what her expectations of the relationship are.

Also, because of harassment lawsuits, its best not to push too hard for physical contact, until you know she wants to date/hookup with you. For 100 years, male managers have used their position and power to coerce women into affairs, and I'm sure a lot of girls deal with scummy/creepy male managers all the time, so their shields are up.

So let it be the woman's choice to pursue a relationship and get physical. Some times women just like to flirt to be nice or to get favoritism at work.

But many younger women are also "husband hunting" at work because they hate the creeps at bars; and men at work are employed, pre-screened, intelligent, responsible, and friendly. For a woman, it can be safer and easier to just date/marry someone through work. A lot of women (just like men) can feel like a kid in a candy store by picking a guy at work.

I was actually in an uncomfortable situation with my female manager who was very flirtatious and desperate, and trying to find a new boyfriend through work. She was ten years older than me, and it freaked me out because I was focused on building a career, and she was focused on finding a husband. Apparently she had a broken engagement with a boyfriend from college, but she was still dating him. She ended up marrying the guy who sat in the desk next to me. But her behavior just seemed very unprofessional to me at the time.

But if you don't work at the company anymore, then just Ask her to get drinks, coffee, attend a party, anything to meetup and figure out how to take the friendship to the next level. Going away parties are always fun, I always here about hookups from them.