View Full Version : Heading to vegas an a crazy idea came about yesterday

07-2012-07, 12:18 PM
Im going to vegas in a few weeks an a old HS friends who lives out of state decides to contact me on FB asking how my summer is going. I tell her pretty good, an jokingly say im heading to vegas in a few weeks wanna go?
She replies by saying yes she actually does an can she stay with me an my friends.
I repley back saying she cant stay with my friends becuase the suite is packed out as it is but I will split a room with you in the same hotel an stay with you.
She responds back saying we will talk later, an asked if I new anything about flights
I looked up flight times for her an hotel prices etc. She thanked me an said she will further discuss things tonight after her little outting.
How do I play this off cool an not blow it becuase id really like for her an a couple friends to meet us in vegas.