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07-2012-07, 12:26 AM
A simple thing - Any one ever made or saw a good set of words to use in everyday life and in pickup? Words that are best for talking smaller and bigger experiences, very descriptive, includes emotions, good sub communication etc?

It wont be a big list, may be a hundred or two. I live with a small set of basic words and when I go out socialize I don't pick the best words that possibly can give a woman better experience & connection with me, that will help in building chemistry, humor, deeper connection, seduction, to portrait personality and character.

I am about to make one for myself to start using those words in almost everything I will talk in future. Wondering if anyone already did this, shared this?

07-2012-07, 09:22 PM
I liked this a lot. Better understanding of wide range of emotions, useful in selecting proper words and to make custom lines and routines.. helpful in social calibration and connecting with a woman in that moment.