View Full Version : Need Some Help/Advice on How to Escalate PLEASE

07-2012-06, 05:42 PM
Hey, I'm new here and did a lot of reading..I also have some experience.

Basically, I went out partying twice with my friend and his gf and her friend and it was pretty fun. She's pretty hot so I tried to keep it cool and literally played it as if I'm not interested, just here to party and have a good time.

Didn't ask for her number or anything, but bought her and my friends drinks had fun, she had a good time I'm guessing since she wants to come out with us again probably this weekend.

But now that I've kept it cool, and hopefully she's interested (if she wants to come out again she probably is interested no?) but how do I escalate...how do I sneak in a kiss or something..?? Any advice is appreciated!

07-2012-06, 07:14 PM
I'd suggest reading magic bullets, lots of great tips and techniques in there for you, including kino. Isolating her. Etc

07-2012-06, 10:15 PM
Didn't ask for her number or anything

07-2012-09, 09:03 AM
why don't you try adding her as a facebook friend and building up some flirting time with her?