View Full Version : Jealousy Fail LOL

07-2012-06, 06:09 AM
Get kiss on cheek and free drink from HB8 attention whore at club. She's the center of her group of about 4 girls and one giant of a cool ass dude. Bought him an Irish car bomb to keep the peace LOL.

It's loud as fuk in the club and HB8 is a chatter box. She was shouting in my ear and all I could hear was the sound of my dick in her mouth LMAO. Should have pulled her to a quieter spot...

But I didn't move quick enough and the group relocated.

About an hour later I'm grinding hard on a HB7. She might have ground one out against my thigh. But it was so loud I couldn't hear for sure ;)

Guess who the hell walks up to the bar...right the fuk next to us...ALONE??! Yep...HB8 chatter box. I act like I don't see her cause all this HB7 was wanting was some grinding (my hands kept being pulled away from her pussy ;). I was hoping to reconnect with HB8...

But HB8's reaction 10 minutes after I broke away from HB7 was "I see what you're doing..." and danced away with some other schmuck.

Damn. Scored neither.

Oh well...gotta be quicker earlier!! Good times tho.