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07-2012-05, 12:37 AM
Basically to recap on an old thread- I met a girl that I made a really good first impression on, everything was going beautifully, we started dating etc. However, I made the mistake of not sleeping with her when I had the chance on the First Date, I just thought it would spoil it if I rushed her to bed. She invited me out on another date despite this, and when I later made a move, she said she was tired, so I spent an awkward night in her bed in my pants and t shirt.

The next day she blew off my attempts at arranging another meet, saying she had work to do, which contradicted what she said previously about being free all week.

She stopped answering texts and contact in general, with the exception of one really enthusiastic text I got from her asking how I was which I found really strange.
I gave up trying, and didn't ever hear from her. Probably a bad Idea, but I emailed her asking if I'd done anything wrong, which she denied, saying she'd been busy with college work and would contact me in the next few weeks.

She eventually got back in touch, and started adding Facebook pictures of us together like old times. She said we should catch up but when I tried to arrange something she didn't reply.

I'm now in a position where I'm trying to set up another meet, but I feel like I only have one chance. She has a busier social life than me and whereas I was once her priority, I no longer am.

I really don't want to lose this girl, she's the prettiest girl I've dated and I liked being round her a lot.

Can anyone offer me any advice? The only contact option I have is through Facebook, so its hard to create attraction etc.

Hank Havok
07-2012-05, 01:28 AM
When you didn't sleep with her the first night in her mind you rejected her or weren't man enough to go after it. Not a Hunter and not worthy of being a mate. She probably went out with you again to punish you in a weird way and be the one to reject you.

If the only contact you have is on fb then do this. Disappear from her life for a month. No text no messages no nothing. Then in a few weeks get a hair cut, buy some new clothes and take a few nice pictures. Post them and show new energy. She'll wonder why you're not chasing her. Then make a fake profile of a girl of a different race (important) that's cute but not overly cute and make sure its 100% private. (DONT GET CAUGHT) and comment on your own pictures in a flirty way. The old girl will take notice of your new look and the new (fake) girl will spike that inner competition that most pretty girls have.

You may not hear from her right away but this will build value and she will notice and then one night send a random "accidental" message to her on chat to like.. "yea I cant believe she did that" when she asks you what you're talking about then explain you meant to send that to the girl below her in chat. Say sorry then open her again. At this point you'll have new energy,value and a new girl sniffing around. You're chances of re engaging will be better.
You're welcome.. HH
You're welcome

07-2012-11, 09:29 PM
wow havok haha I was about to talk about manipulation and then I read your post bravo!! hahaha

I'm just gonna comment about what you should have done to get her to give it up the second time. I have no comment on the Facebook interation. I dont believe in Facebook game at all, but Havok sounds like he knows his stuff haha.

During your date the second time you should have been trying to set it up. I learned these 2 things from AFC Adam so no credit to me. So basically you get her to jump some hoops about sex during the date. Then when the time comes you can be like "what do you mean no? you were just talking about how much you loved having your inner thigh licked" then start going for it. Next she says no "okay you say no, but I'm going to give you 5 seconds to say no again" start going for it 543210 you've gotten her shirt off and she says no again "okay, you say no but I'm going to give you 5 seconds to say no again" 543210 she's naked but she says no again just repeat the process of "okay you say no but I give you 5 seconds to say no again" What matters is if she says no before 0 then stop for real, SERIOUSLY STOP.

(This one I invented, I'll allow people to use it but NOBODY CLAIM ITS THEIRS) The one I used to do is: anytime she says the word "no" in the date, doesn't matter the context, I turn around and walk away from her. She asks me in a sad tone "why are you going?" I turn around and say "well, you wanted me to go you said the safe word. No is the safe word." So when the time comes and she actually says no. I push her off of me and go "you said the safe word" Since she's already programmed to find this interaction displeasing she ALWAYS says "I didn't mean it!! come back!!"

Well thats all I got. Good luck on the Facebook game, that sucks. You should have gotten her number instead.