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07-2012-02, 09:49 AM
I bumped into one girl few days back, actually drove by her, who I know from few years back and with who I flirted but we never hit it off and just stopped socialising. Now I went to seaside and saw her again but could not approach her and say hi at that time.
I sent her a message from a friends facebook and said it was me and that I saw her there and asked to meet for a drink. Got a reply: hahahaha. Shittest? What to answer to that?
I just want to get together for a drink, catch up.

07-2012-02, 12:50 PM
If she only said "hahahaha" then she's basically laughing in your face. You couldn't approach her when you saw her (she probably noticed you, too) and that automically, in her head, lowers your value to her. She knows you can't approach random women on the street, let alone some people that you *slightly* know.

You can still do some light pursuing but I'd recommend letting it go until another unexpected opportunity comes up. When this new opportunity does arise, DON'T FUCKING HESITATE to approach.

Hank Havok
07-2012-02, 11:39 PM
Doesn't matter. By registering and only posting looking for advice for this one girl it's clear you are desperate. You are too affected by this girl and even if you had gotten her out for a drink you would have probably messed it up within a half an hour. Being overly affected would mean your ultimate demise despite the situation. Getting advice on this one situation with this girl would be like fixing a slow leak in a tire when you also have a crack in your engine block. You didn't miss an opportunity by not approaching her so don't sweat it. You probably actually saved yourself from a worse let down later. Work on yourself. High value men don't get overly affected. That's your problem here.

07-2012-11, 09:07 PM
I agree with the others, but I'll add one thing.

Facebook is NOT where to meet women!! I've been trying for years to get it to happen, and after 7 years of being on facebook and about 350 female facebook "friends" I've only gotten laid once from it. Not saying it wont happen, its just not where you need to put your effort.

Facebook is the reason why if I saw most of those girls on the street (even after approaching like I have) I would walk the other way hoping she didn't see me.

Even worse is that you used someone else's Facebook account. She wouldn't even have known if it was you actually talking to her. I can only hope you used a female friend's facebook, that might actually show a little value. But, if you used guy friend's haha you were doomed to begin with.