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04-20-2012, 08:41 PM
what are the best clubs in montreal to sarge? and really good strips clubs too :P

04-20-2012, 09:38 PM
I visited before and it's hard to tell since it probably varies by who you are, your skills and what the trend is that night, what parties are going on, ect. Montreal has the highest number of bars per capita in North America so bar hop. Focus your attention on St. Catherine's Street.

Get a hostel near St. Catherines and attend their pub crawls. I think most hostels have a weekly pub crawl. Even if you go on a non-party night for a pub crawl like Tuesday --- Montreal rocks compared to my city. Use the fellow visitors staying at the hostel as your "home base" social proof group.

Strip clubs --- I only went to 3 of them and can't remember their names but in general Montreal strip clubs are known to be more "intense" than most (aka they "might" allow "touching"). I don't know if it really is legal because when ever I go to a strip bar --- I always go for "intense" kino (aka touching them, kissing, making out, etc) anyways even if it is not "allowed" by the rules.

I think in most strip bars in Canada that you can not touch the girl during a lap dance or "private" session but if nobody is watching and you know how to do it then I always do it anyways regardless of the rules...as long as the girl likes you and allows it of course! But yeah --- In Montreal it is faster to do than in any other major Canadian city I've been to.

If you are walking by a bar (which you can not visually see the inside) and there is a person "selling" the place, telling you it's the hottest thing happening and trying to get you in there then AVOID the place -- it means the place is dead --- that's why they have people outside trying get you in there to boost business.

mr montreal
04-23-2012, 07:07 PM
Thought I'd give my insight. I am a Montreal bachelor party planner here so I am at the clubs and strip clubs every weekend for "work". so here are the details from a professional:

for good night clubs check out the ones on St. Laurent as Crescent street is for tourists and old people, def not the place to pick up Montreal girls.

On st Laurent there are a few Supper clubs (Buonna Notte, Globe, Wood 35, Koko) these places are the hardest to get into and require dinner and bottle service from guys. While they are exclusive and fun there are large groups of guys here and the girls are more the "gold digger type" however I have picked up a few gems at these places just make sure your game is on.

A solid bet is Rouge up the street this place is a more casual and fun club and always packed with girls, This is a great place to pick up. Another good place is right around the corner from rouge is Pinq Taco it is smaller (more the size of a bar) but always a blast. Overall the woman in MTL are not too hard dare is say easy...

Now for the Montreal strip clubs (http://connectedmontreal.com/montreal-strip-clubs/) (my specialty)

The best strip clubs for pure entertainment value are Kamasutra (around the corner from rouge and the other clubs I listed) and Chez Paree (near crescent).

Some call me the stripper whisperer... so here are some tips to picking up Montreal strippers:
never go for a dance (second you do you are sucker in their eyes)
always find out off the bat if they have a BF/pimp before you invest time
pick out the girl sitting by herself, strippers are clicky so if she is sitting by herself she is prob new.
ask if she likes to "party"....
be forward and direct and don't forget to neg (they have guys telling them all day how amazing they are)

Hope this helps. private message me if you need any more help and if I am not hosting a group let me know we can meet up for a drink and I can introduce to some ladies.