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04-13-2012, 06:54 AM
I'm Xai, I'm a biker with boyish good looks and a body to compliment it.

I'm new to pick-up since I got my first copy of The Game, buuut, I wasn't as surprised as I was supposed to be since most of the routines set by PUA's is sort of a natural thing I used to do ONLY in social circles I met, I do have a bit of approach anxiety but I killed 50% of it in 2 days over in Dubai before coming to Syria, and it.was.FUN!! i've been studying it here in Syria for a month now preparing myself for a few amazing nights when I go back to Dubai (which happens on Monday!).

I require only that we get along more than just wings, I am sort of a brotherhood lover over a lone wolf, if you think you can be my wingman and we can give it a go, if you can be patient enough for me to try alot of the things ive learnt here, in the feild, then hit me up and we can arrange a day out picking up interesting AHEM, (beautiful) women.

Yazan :)

SUMMARY: Dubai wingmen needed hit me up quick!