View Full Version : help: conversation over the phone: eg negs? eg value raising comment?

01-08-2006, 04:33 PM
For most people, approaching a girl and getting an email, followed by a number is relatively easy... however, my questions are here...
What kind of conversation topics or negs or value raising comments? are advised over the phone in order for the guy to pass the girl's test? What to do if the girl is quiet and dont ask questions and the conversation gets to a pause? How to make the girl talk more? And the worst, what if she throws, " I dont know if i have told you, but i have a boyfriend! "
Or is it better to cut the conversation short to 2mins, and concentrate on the date?

01-08-2006, 04:37 PM
like you said..cut it short and set a date.
Tell her you have friends coming over in a few minutes and that you`d like to see her in person...blah..blah...blah...
A great Neg which I`ve used is I ask them if they are "tired"
"...you look tired, long day " ?
It`s not an insult..but negs them immediately.

01-09-2006, 02:49 AM
Or is it better to cut the conversation short to 2mins, and concentrate on the date?
Yes, Sound busy and make sure you end the conversation first. Your goal is to remind her what a fun and interesting time she had with you and set it up again. Don't sound needy and don't start acting like friends who've known each other a long time, It doesn't work on the phone.

01-10-2006, 04:51 AM
Good advice. Definitely be the one to end the conversation & keep it short. Even when in a LTR I've limited the call to ten minutes.
Obviously you will encounter exceptions to most rules;
"Baby what's up?"
"My dog just died..."
WBAFC using your advice "Oh no... that's not cool, well, I have to be going I'm mega busy at work... by the way, I didn't know you had a dog, dogs are cool, I er, I mean, I bet your dog was cool... when it was alive... sorry, anyways, gotta go bye..." *hangs up* *girl disintegrates with grief*
You can neg her voice over the phone in the early stages & DHV.
If she has a high voice. "You have the cutest voice... you sound like one of those Ewoks from the Star Wars films."
Or if you don't like that you could opt for: "I like your voice... but... you sound like my old English teacher."
Something like that. Obviously you're not going to neg her again after the first call unless there's great humour in it & you have the rapport with her already to carry it off & it be funny.
You can also DHV, like including something about the reason you have to go... try something work/power/adventure related like, "Hey, I would love to talk longer but I'm meeting some friends from work, we all got a bonus & are off to do some Snowboarding" (If you're in the North of the UK you can say, "at Xscape")
Other options are Paintballing, Diving, Picking Up Chicks because we're PUA wannabes (Joke) We're all going to the match/Grad Prix, Bar to get sozzled, Movies, Pawn shop to get Mom's TV back (Another crap jest) a party etc.
Also try & include things over the phone that could cause just a little jealousy; if you're on a celly & you have call waiting you could try something that I've used a few times; "Oh damn, I gotta go, some chick from work is calling me, I don't know why she keeps ringing but it could be important this time."
Make your own lines & use them, find out what works for you. Find your own phone DHV methods. MAKE EVERYTHING IN THE GAME YOURS.
I could go on but I need to go meet my friends, we all got boners & we're going to shoot endangered animals.
I hope you know I'm joking...

01-10-2006, 07:10 PM
great advice harlequin.
thanks for taking your time to write that long reply...
what do you do in case the girl says something in case(there was not A1 or A2 completion when she met you and she still gave out her number) like:
"I dont know if i have told you, but i have a boyfriend!"
Do you die instantly ? lol. Or you got something better to say to her?

01-11-2006, 12:44 AM
I like to say many things, one of the things that can be amusing if you touched comfort is; *say in Patrick Bateman voice* "Oh that's ok, I'll just kill him & wear his skin."
Or without comfort say, "Yeah? So? What did you think I wanted to sleep with you? Honey, does no one believe in friendship anymore?"
Or the variant, "Sugar, am I the last man alive that believes in friendship?"
I have some killer ones that lead on to instant comfort over the phone but I can't tell you all my secrets now can I (",)
Try those out, they work for me.