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Takashi Miike
11-24-2011, 03:55 AM
Mystery and most of the other guys suggest you go out at least 4 nights a week. It's said that mastery in any specific field takes around 10,000 hours of practice. As of now, I've been working on sarging for just over a year. For all I know, today could be the 1-year anniversary for when I first downloaded the book Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo. (My one sarging friend here in Japan, who is a "natural", recommended it to me.) I don't have any record for the exact date I read the first page, but doing a bit of quick math I'd say I've got around 1,000 hours as of today of practice in the can. At this rate I'll be at the 10,000 mark in just about 9 years. I'm so close I could almost touch it.

Here in Japan we get about 1 national holiday per month. I love this, and this past week was a national holiday week. This meant, plus the weekend, 3 days of sarging. Let's look back at last Saturday. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

SATURDAY, 11/19/2011:

Three other friends and I hung out around Yokohama station. This wasn't my idea. It was theirs. When I'm with my white friends, I never suggest hanging out in Yokohama, especially if it's a Saturday night. Yokohama is reserved for dates only, seeing as it's close to where I live.

It was two white girls---I'll refer to them as "L" and "R". Ha, kind of sounds like the abbreviation for Last-Minute Resistance. Perhaps this is a sign that I'm hanging out with the wrong crowd---and one mullato guy, "J". I'm not interested in white girls anymore. They're always around me, and I've got 3 total that I would consider my top home boys in Japan, but I'm not interested in any of them.

First we went for a game of bowling at Round 1. I thought this would be perfect for sarging, seeing as I have very little experience outside of the club aura. K I am not interested in at all. I've known her for about 3 years, and she's been like a pivot to me since we moved to the same city a year and a half ago. She's a terrible pivot, by the way. She herself likes looking for guys and is on the hunt like I am, but she doesn't do a whole lot of helping despite my attempts to "help" her (try to wrap that around your head: a GUY helping a GIRL out to pick up other guys). L, on the other hand, I don't know so well. She's attractive, and we both like Massive Attack, so every time I hang out with her, I'm in off-and-on practice mode for the Western girl half of the PUA methods. You know, just to see if it's easier, or the sparks start kicking in more efficiently than the Asian counterpart.

After bowling (I lost to J by 1 point!) we went to a British pub for some drinks. It's weird because I know K quite well, but J and L, who are like old chumeroos, I don't know very much at all. I had hung out with L maybe 5 occasions before that and J once. They, like the Americans they are, like the PEOPLE they are, talked a lot. I was probably the least talkative of the table. Post-Double-Your-Dating-Takashi-Miike, who is always the life of the party, was at a loss for words. It was like me from age 0-25 all over again. They were talking and saying things, often adding onto what the other one said, like normal conversations go, and all I could do was sit there and stare at the menu.

"Yeah, I know what they're talking about....Oh, really?...Where did that train of thought come from?....Smooth...."

Um, how do you chime in again? What's the routine?

It could have been that I was so used to hanging out with mostly Japanese people that I forgot how to talk with my native people. Or perhaps I NEVER knew how to talk with my native people to begin with...

After they got a few drinks in them, however, the mood started to decline and I stepped back onto the plate. This is Takashi Miike's show! I am the leader. Let's go to a cool American-style bar with like six different bars all in one room, all with separate owners and tabs.

No one followed.

I'm doing that a lot, taking the lead. The odd thing, though, is that I'm half-and-half on whether or not people follow. Perhaps I'm not taking on the role of "leader" and more "oppressive dictator". I have no idea if this theory of mine is right though. I've asked my friends before and they just say, "What? No. We just didn't want to go there..."

Anyway, on to an izakaya---Japanese-style pub, where they lock you in a room with your party, preventing any sort of socializing with strangers, save for a drunken few words standing in line for the bathroom. I do not recommend izakayas if you want to get even a fraction out of those 10,000 practice hours for mastery. They are the least fun night-time establishments on the planet, unless you happen to be at a big party where you don't know---re: haven't sarged out---most of the guests.

The reason we went to the izakaya, and not to where I wanted to go, was because of the touter standing outside. He was Japanese, and K and L thought he was funny. Or cute. Or ATTRACTIVE. I didn't know, I didn't care. I could care less who they did or didn't find attractive. Well, kind of...

The touter followed us inside and served as our waiter, I guess. The drinks went through him. We got 2 hours of all-you-can-drink, some caesar salad (for some reason K really wanted caesar salad) and some weird garlic pieces in Korean sauce. The girls were sending text messages the whole time to this one other American guy that lives in Yokohama, "A".

"Come out and hang with us, A," were the text messages. K is so into A. And it seemed that L was kind of into A, too. Could the "socially preselected" theories of Mystery be true? Could L have gone from "Eh, whatever," to "Ooo, hot mamma!" that quickly for the sheer look on K's face that she wanted to jump his bones?

I'm not so sure about J as a wingman. I don't think he "gets" it. He's a leader, but he talks way too much. The girls weren't even in our world---they were texting A and flirting with the guy who ushered us in. Now, it's not like I was doing anything to help get the focus back on us or anything---I honestly didn't care about them fawning over A and waiter while J and I were right there---but J would need a lot of work. I would have to introduce him to pick-up material. I've tried this in the past with other guy friends, telling them what I had learned about pick-up so they wouldn't burn sets so often, but it never works. It takes a high threshold of self-malliability to admit, "Okay, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to furthering my opportunities for reproduction" and listen to 80 million hours of tapes and DVDs about it. Not a lot of guys are willing to admit they don't know a whole lot about something and decide to peruse the Self-Help section of Barnes & Noble. You just don't see it too often. They're usually set in their ways, or change the subject.

Moving on, A declined the girls' request to come hang out. They were disappointed. J was falling asleep. The girls were soon to fall asleep.

This is why I never like hanging out in Yokohama. There's nothing to fucking do. Despite all of the great reviews people give of it, even the youthful "West Exit" area closes down by 1am. So, having foreseen this inevitable situation of everyone having missed their last trains home and poking around the what-are-we-gonna-dos, I stood up and proclaimed the only solution to any solution for a night out in Yokohama:

"I'm going to HUB."

HUB is a ubiquitous British pub chain that every foreigner in the city has in his back pocket, for when you literally can't think of any other place to bounce to. There's usually a HUB just around the corner.

Finally. It took them a few cold ones, but they were following me. The oppressive dictator had finally appealed to the best interest of the people, and they were following, and of their own free will.


Turns out the whole city does turn in by 1. Oh well, so much for that idea. The leader has lead his crowd to a dead end.

"Alright, I'm not staying out till 5am for the first train. I'm going home. We can get some beers and drink at my place. I'll pay for the cab."

I hailed one down and got in, leaving the door open.

"Hey, guys, hurry up, the guy says he has to go."

Of the 4 people in our group, only 2 ended up in that cab. That was me and K, the one I had known for the longest and wasn't the least bit attracted to. I was hoping either they all got in and we'd play drinking games in my apartment and see what happened, or that L got in the cab instead of K, but even the blindest could see that wasn't going to happen. J and K would talk.

"Oooo, L and Takashi Miike are going home together. I guess that means we," K and J, "are going home together too."

Or something like that. Hell, I don't know what people think. I don't know what social chain reaction bounces to the next. My intuition, though, says that L, who I'm not really into at all, and I haven't even kinoed, so why would she go to my apartment? Oh well, something had to happen on that cold night standing in front of a street of closed-down bars.

K slept at my apartment that night. She was really drunk, and I went out to buy smokes, and when I came back my sheets weren't even on the mattress yet and she was lying down in her underwear.

"Get up, I gotta put the sheets down." And I meant that literally. And I meant her to take it literally. We were going to "sleep" sleep together, not sleep together. And that's what we did.

That took me about an hour longer to write than I thought it would, so I will have to save sarging days 2 and 3 this week for another time. Goodnight to all, and happy anniversary to me ;)

01-07-2012, 10:20 PM
Interesting post. I can say firsthand that from my experiences with pickup in Asia that its a different ballgame and will take some time. You will get SNLs and day two lays with lower quality girls as easily as you would in your home country, but getting quality is a tough ballgame. 8+ is really tough because of various cultural factors you are already deeply aware of by now. Good luck bro

01-15-2012, 09:29 PM
will get SNLs and day two lays with lower quality girls as easily as you would in your home country, but getting quality is a tough ballgame. 8+ is really tough because of various cultural factors you are already deeply aware of by now. Good luck bro

Hey cruyff,
I'm new around here, my snls were so far with only foreigners in Japan, I got some day 2 lays with Japanese. as you said , with hb7 s I had chance to snl but I didn't go .
But I thought its

Can you be more specific about those cultural factors that Why people cannot get hb9 hb10 snls?

04-13-2013, 08:48 AM
Bars close at 1 and trains are not 24 hour? Is this in Tokyo because I didn't know that... Bad news :/

04-21-2013, 06:10 PM
You're thinking too much, and from your writing, it's coming off as though you're very insecure. Don't worry about being "the leader," or how many hours of the 10,000 you're getting. Just focus on having fun. When you're having the most fun, people will gravitate to you, and that's how you become "the leader." It makes sense when you think about it. People want to have fun ---> They see you having fun ---> If you're having fun, doing what you're doing must be fun ---> They'll follow you. It's not something that you can fake, and it's really not even something that you can work on, you just need to get out of your head.

The way I accomplish that is when I'm getting ready to go out with people, I listen to three songs. The first clears the head, and just relaxes me. The second is funny and sexual. It gets me in a talkative, comedic and slightly sexual mental state, which isn't a bad thing in a social setting where you're trying to go home with someone. The third is smooth and sexual. As soon as that comes on, I get the confidence I need to deal with anyone. All three songs have sentimental value too, but I'm sure if you come up with your own music, it could be just as effective. Starting the night in a good headspace isn't essential to having a good night, but it's definitely better to not start from behind.