View Full Version : NEgging problem.

06-27-2006, 07:46 AM
hello , since my social circle is slowly dropping and im kinda insecure,
im triying 2 get more into this community.
ive read some stuff and decided 2 Try stuff in going out etc.
since ofc it was my first time i kinda sucked but still had more suecses than i used 2 have normaly , yay.
this morning i decided 2 get on msn for a bit.
and for fun i tried some stuff on msn with a girl.
i tried 2 neg here on msn well i know ofc it isnt as good since u cant use body language etc but was just hoping 2 practice a bit.
she asked reply reply on her hair and i decided 2 neg saying nice is it a wig?.
she was kinda insulted and commanded me 2 make a excuse,
but i read u shouldnt excuse ureself so i decided 2 ignore the excuse thing.
point is that after this convo, she blocked me from msn etc but points is i kinda feel like i shuldnt have said that.
i find it kinda hard 2 be mean :S. i realy am guilty after saying something i saw mystery for example saying ''ure so cold did ure parents hit u ore something'' i cant even say something half as mean to them without feeling realy like a moron :S
all tips,hints wud be welcome
ps: sorry for my bad english my grammar is kinda bad ;(

06-27-2006, 10:47 AM
Don't use only negative negs online. If you must, ad a wink or smiley face at the end to show you are just kidding around. Personally, girls in our age range haven't gone to clubs and been hit on by the borage of men, so they don't have a high ASD, "Anti-Slut Defence".....so negging is NOT neccecary.
My advice to you is to get offline. Go out and start to open girls, just use the fucking opener. Then once you feel comfortable start stacking attraction routines little by little.

06-27-2006, 11:07 AM